Newbie needs ur help :)

  1. hi ladies...
    i just purchased a grey first from s/s 06...since this is my first balenciaga...i have a few question regarding maintein this new baby...i was always into chloe.....and now i purchase my first first as a begining:nuts:
    i am wonder should i pretreat my bag?
    i have read a few thread, lots ppl says LMB or AG product works very well on certain color, however, i have no idea grey color counts light color or dark color? which product would work on this?
    also..if i just leave it, will the handle become darken?
    i use to use conditioner from Coach on all my, chloe...etc. and it never have any problem...but i am still worried that i will ruin my new baby...:push:
    thanks for helping...your opinion would be very appreciate.
  2. I'd recommend the LMB products as they're really sensitive and I would use the handle protection cream as they will get darker over time without any protection. But both LMB and Apple will take away the shine and it just comes back when you buff it a lot after using. I use LMB on all my Bbags.
  3. i never treat my b bags.... i love them just the way it is :yes:
  4. :smile: :heart: Hi and welcome to the cult! I am fairly new to Bal and have mainly owned LV in the past. Here is a picture of my current collection of B-bags, and I have treated each bag with LMB's For Handles Only and then a combo of my own moisturizers, Cetaphil Cream and Glysomed Handcream. I must warn you that I have heard using moisturizers not made for leather can rot bags in years to come. I have heard this mentioned once and have seen no sign of this on my bags, but thought I'd mention it. Maybe someone who has owned Bal-bags for a long time can comment. I no that dryness can cause the corners to wear and crack and I love how my bags feel when soft and smooshy. I use my creams mainly because only a small amount is needed and they are odorless. I love how Bal leather smells and like to keep anything with strong smells off of it. I have heard the LMB's handle protectant helps keep the handles from getting dark, but I personally try to put my hands on them as little as possible, keeping the bags mostly on my forearm or shoulder. I store them stuffed with old t-shirts in their dustbags and in LV boxes (see my avitar picture) in my closet, every night no matter how long it takes to put them away. Hope this has helped, and I hope you share some photos of your bag!
    ;) [​IMG]
  5. Thanks a lot for your FAST response. I feel so warm in this balenciaga family.
    Girls, u rocks.:yahoo:

    after reading the comment, i think i will buy the product for handle immediately, but i am still thinking about treating the body part of bags.
    since i want my bag to be distress, and wrinkle....but i also dont want them looks dry.....well, this is tough...dont really know how to do.

    BTW. Deana....ur collection is amazing:love: and ur purse decoration is sooo cute.
  6. How do you buff the bag to bring back shine? thanks
  7. I think your gray would be considered a medium color. Definitely treat the handles with For Handles Only because they will darken over time from the natural oils in your skin.

    As for treating the rest of your bag, if you like the way it looks (not too dry, good shine, supple, etc.) then just leave it alone. At some point it might get dirty, and then you'll do a clean/condition/shine restore job on it (all LMB products, btw). But for now you can leave it alone. If it were REALLY light, like white, you could consider protecting it up front, but you always run the risk of changing the finish on the leather. So if you like the finish, leave it alone. If you think the finish leaves something to be desired, like it's too dry, not shiney enough, etc., then treat accordingly.

    And welcome to the Balenciaga threads!
  8. Welcome, phoebe, to the Bbag cult! I'm a newbie myself and am totally addicted to Balenciagas now... Good idea to get veteran BalGals' advice on how to care for your First. :yes:
  9. welcome phoebe ;)
    I use LMB product for my babies (leather pre-treatment and feel soft moisturizer ) and it work really well ! But if you are happy with your bag's leather you shouldn't use anything... :smile:
  10. This is a tricky subject, and their is a couple of threads on treating or not treating bbags? BalNY suggests not to treat the bag. Its really a matter of opinion. I prefer mine all natural. I am very careful with my bags, and try not to touch the handles, keep them tucked away in the dust bags in original boxes. So, they stay in pretty good shape, and never had any problems. The only bag I did treat is my white one, and it was only the handles, because the white tends to get dirty no matter what you do.
  11. :yes: Thanks for the advice...

    i would definitely go to buy LMB products.;)

    thanks again...:love:
  12. I use LMB products on my bags ... The For Handles Only is a definite MUST becasue no matter what, the handles will darken over time. As for the other products, it all depends on whether or not you like the leather and the condition. :smile: