newbie needs to share her excitement!!!!

  1. So I am another one of those lurker types, trying to learn about Hermes before I go off the deep end. I finally think I have got it down enough to go into the SF Hermes for the first time! I received the most amazing phone call today and I have no bag-obsessed friends with which to share the good news!

    Many of the threads here got me nervous about finding the right SA. I'm pretty small potatoes, and probably won't ever do enough damage for them to notice me. I already planned out what I'm buying this first trip (all available online), but I wanted to go into a boutique to establish a relationship. Turns out I won't have to!!! My favorite favorite SA from SF Bottega Veneta is switching to Hermes! This is perfect timing, as I already have most of what I want from BV and was ready to move on myself. I can't believe my good luck! Tomorrow I will iron out what I am getting and come back next week with my DH and buy it all from my new Hermes SA. I've been incredibly excited all day and during my 3 hr drive to SF tonight I could hardly sit still.

    Thanks for listening! Orange boxes next Sat!!
  2. That is amazing good luck DG; you already have an established relationship with your SA which will be great! Have a great time in the store and post your finds when you can!
  3. This is great news doubtfulguest!!!

    I'm so thrilled for share your upcoming H adventure with us, especially your loot.

    Have fun! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  4. Now that's what I call great planning! I can hardly remember all those years ago without the internet and information-rich resources like this when all I knew was that I wanted a scarf!
  5. Welcome to the ORANGE side doubtfulguest, good to see you here! It's great to have R switching over so you'd have a familiar face at H instantly. Can't wait to see your goodies!
  6. Wow that is a stroke of amazing luck!! Welcome to the Hermes side of life--you'll love it here!
  7. :tup:"I'd rather be lucky than good":smile: can't remember who said it first:s........
  8. Thanks, all. I love tpf. It has really helped me make a good impression on most SA's that I talk to. I think they appreciate people who take the time to learn about their particular brand.

    It's all your fault, btw. And by all I mean my upcoming belt purchase. I keep thinking it's somehow going to transform my figure into something closer to yours, but in all reality, I'm just hoping it looks half as good on me as it does on you!:shame:
  9. Congrats doubtfulguest! Having your BV SA switch to "H" is DESTINY! You were meant to come over to the Orange side! YAY!
  10. Amazing doubltfulguest! I'm excited for you. can't wait to see what you purchase. Have a lot of fun shopping!
  11. :lol: I'm sure you will look absolutely fab my dear.
  12. doubtfulguest: Welcome to the orange side where there is no turning back :p. It's great that someone you know will be at the store to help you. Please share with us (if you don't mind, of course) what you cop during the visit. Have fun!
  13. doubtfulguest- welcome. you are so lucky. have a great time.
  14. Whoa!! How totally perfect!! This is so exciting and I'm so happy for you that you will have an H SA who knows you well. That is just the best! I can't wait to see what you get!
  15. doubtful - WELCOME & HAVE FUN