Newbie needs primer on Hermes scarf buying

  1. Hi, I'm sure this must be covered but I can't find it.
    I want to buy my first Hermes scarf. What are the classic patterns? What should my first one be? You ladies know everything, so please give me a primer on beginning a collection. Also, are the Hermes scarves cheaper in Paris? Thank you ladies!:shrugs:
  2. your first scarf is one you'll remember forever so it should be one that suits you and you love. if i were you i would go to hermes and have and SA help you find just the right one. i had an SA help me for my first and she picked one i would have never picked for myself and i adore it.
  3. lol.
  4. I think I am going to come out and be contratrian here. Don't worry too much about making "THE" right choice, because there is no such thing in scarves and you won't stop at just one. Honestly I don't even remember which was my first H scarf, and I haven't been at this for that long!

    Just go to a store, play with them, try a good dozen or two at least to get a feel of what you like. Walk out with one that you just can not seem to take off. :yes:
  5. There are so many beautiful designs this season; I agree, take a look at Once you click on the scarves section, browse by design, and you can choose classic or new designs. If you prefer classic H designs then you can sort those out. Ideally, if you're near a store, have an SA help you out. The best way is to browse until you see a design that you adore and you think will look good on you.
  6. Its true, there is nothing like going into the boutique and getting lost in the gorgeous swirl of Hermes silk. I had several scarves before I had that experience, and it is not to be missed.

    Plus, invariably you will end up with something unexpected, perhaps even a little more than a scarf:graucho: .

    I went in specifically to buy one particular scarf that I though would look great on me, and it didnt, but another one I would have NEVER thought of just made me :drool: :heart: :drool: and we will live happily ever after!!!

    OH!! One more thing the H websites only have a TINY fraction of what is out there to be had, BTW.
  7. Thanks Ladies. Another thing: do you all actually wear and use your scarves? Or do you just collect and store them? We don't seem to be living in a scarf friendly society...or are we?
  8. Oh, I use all mine, except for one that is framed.
  9. i wear mine. i keep trying to find one to frame but i love them all so much i want to wear them! i try and wear at least 1 a week.
  10. TropicalGal, I wish we were in Europe too, where women wear scarves all the time, but alas I wear one almost everyday. Only time I don't have one on is if I have a top that's too busy, like one of those from Etro, for example.
  11. TGal, I have bought all of mine, except one, with the intention of wearing them. But sometimes once I get home, I have realized that a design or color doesn't work as well on me as I thought it would and so it ends up staying in the box more than it should. But like tods, I do wear a scarf almost every single day except if my blouse or jacket is too busy a design to work with any of my scarves.