Newbie needs information on NM sale bag...

  1. I was doing a search about a week ago online for information on a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag I bought at the NM sale and I happened upon you all. I have been visiting every day just to read a little and today I needed to register because I need your help. I found this bag today and bought it because I liked it. I know nothing about the brand or quality of the bag, I just thought it looked like me. Oh wise ones, would you please enlighten me a little?
  2. Welcome to the forum. :smile: Don't know much about your handbag, but do know there are many here who love this brand a lot!
  3. Welcome Nichi!

    Gryson is very much well liked by many on this forum, since she is a former designer for Marc Jacobs bags. Unfortunately, with the search function being disabled for the forum, you can't search for "gryson" in the forum and come up with a bunch of threads!

    I recall many like the suede interior and beautiful leather. I know there were so quality issues in the beginning (I believe she started this line in Fall 06) but have since been resolved. I personally like the way they look, but find most of them too heavy. Plus, I like super fast access into my bag, and sometimes it seems like the buckles or flaps get in the way.

    Now that you found this forum, count on spending lots of time here!
  4. The fact that she worked for Marc Jacobs makes complete sense. Every bag I currently own is either Marc Jacobs or Marc by Marc Jacobs. As a matter of fact, I am selling an old Venetia bag in order to help finance my recent splurges at NM.
  5. I bought this bag before and returned it. The leather kind of has a washed/scratchy look to it, I guess that is the style. The bag is not very large, and the handles are very small, much too small to be a shoulder bag. I didn't care for it very much, that's why it went back to NM.
  6. Thank you Suretobuy. I cancelled the item because I wasn't sure that I would like it and I have a limited "bag budget". I'll save the money for another one down the road. The NM sale is going on for another 2 weeks so maybe something else I love will come along.
  7. Looked like a helluva good buy!! (Was out of stock when I looked just now....hope you get the next one and it makes you even happier!!)
  8. I wonder if you bought the bag I bought yesterday and canceled this morning. I was regretting canceling it, but after reading this thread I feel better about it.
  9. Just wanted to say, WELCOME!