Newbie needs help!

  1. Hi lovely ladies:

    I want to get a b-bag for my christmas present (i know, its really early but I realllly want one :P ). This will be my first b-bag so I'm sooioooooooo confused of all the models that Balenciaga has. I never knew there are so many! Do you guys know a webpage or a guide that has what all the Balenciaga models look like? I'm getting so confused differentiating between Twiggy, Day, First, Classic!!!!!! :wtf::confused1: :shrugs: . And what model do you guys think is the best to get? I want one that is practical-- I can bring it to school as well as to shop and dine with friends. I'm super excited cuz I know this b-bag is probably just a start of many more to come : ).

    Thank you ladies soooooooo much for your help :rolleyes: !!

    Super Confused Newbie
  2. Here's a great resource:


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  3. check out the thread below: new line at luisavaroma

    A very helpful and sweet pfer will email you the catalog which really helps with the size, shape and name of purse.

    (Thanks again, jag!)