Newbie needs help!

  1. I think I posted before in the wrong place. Does anyone know whether the multicolor speedy have
    "Louis Vuitton
    Made in France"
    embossed on the pocket?

    I heard somewhere it didn't, but then heard it did.

    Thanks guys!
  2. It shouldn't be on the pocket (either the front or inside).
  3. It's not necssary to double post... you posted it in the right place the first time. I'll go ahead and delete the other thread you started, keep this one open, and move it to the Reference Library. ;)
  4. There should not be anything stamped on the inside of a mc speedy AT ALL! Other then the datecode that is!
  5. Thanks!!
  6. There's only "Louis Vuitton Paris" on the hardware/S-lock of the front pocket which isn't exactly a stamp...
    What you're saying is on the side tab only