newbie needs help

  1. hi there,
    im currently looking to purchase gucci items on eBay.
    but i do not know how to differentiate fakes.
    is there anyway i can tell?
    like maybe from too good to be true prices?
    im looking for some black canvas monogram bucket hats and the double G belts in green and red , maybe u guys can tell me the market price ?
    some auctions says 100% authentic or money back. but it seems the prices are too good to be 40% of retail at my local gucci boutique.
    can you guys help a noobie out?

    appreciate all help
  2. Its really really rare that eBay will have authentic Gucci. I stay AWAY from eBay.....even if they say its 100% authentic or money back. Cause to me almost all of them are lies. But if you really want something from ebay you should post it in the Authenticate This Gucci thread. Maybe someone can help you.
  3. ahh..icic... thanks for ur reply.

    and btw is ************* a legit site?
  4. is legit and if you go to the deals and steals forum has additional coupons. BUt I would stay away from Ebay 99% of the stuff there is fake.
  5. thanks i was asking abt 'e fashion house . com' . but it got censored.can any one tell me y?and if its a legit site?
  6. I am new to this also. Can you tell me what the steals and deals forum is. I would like to check out their coupons for

  7. Ok.. I know ebay is a very scary place to buy designer bags but there are some gems out there. Just be realistic. I hate how fakers ruin for the honest sellers :sad:
  8. *sniffles* no wonder no one bought my guccis...they were the high-end ones too:sad:. I didnt have trouble selling any of my others though..even my louis. Thats not fair.
  9. oh, and to answer your question, yes ebay is very unsafe but make sure you check the buyers feedback and consult with the members of this forum on the" authenticate this" thread before bidding. good luck!