Newbie needs help with twilly! =)

  1. Hi darls!

    I'm brand spanking new to hermes :blush: and would love to get my hands on a silk twilly. Are there any reputable sellers online or on ebay who sell authentic ones? I'm really keen on getting a Bolduc twilly in either orange and brown or olive green and black. Also, how much do hermes wallets retail for? Is there a waiting list for it like their birkin bags or are they easily available? I'm quite keen on the ostrich fuschia ones that I've seen in this forum :love: . Sadly I do not own anything from hermes but would love to treat myself to something small (as an upcoming birthday gift)! Alright hope to hear from you gorgeous ladies real soon! Thanks for reading this! :tender:
  2. Welcome to the Hermes forum, Dancing_Queen!!! There is a sticky thread under "Hermes Shopping" that gives a list of reputable eBay sellers, some of whom sell twillies. As for fuchsia ostrich ... oh don't even get me started on that one:nuts: :nuts: it's my passion~~
  3. Hi Koukanamiya!

    Thanks for the warm welcome! You user name is really interesting! Anyway do you get to "customise" your Hermes wallets (what type of leather/colour)? I'm really keen on getting one but I've absolutely no idea how much they retail for...
  4. Hello Dancing_Queen and Welcome.

    I have a Bearn wallet in Blue Jean Epsom and it was about $1500. Ostrich ones are going to be about $2,500 +. I also have a Dogon wallet in Togo that was $1,365. It is not difficult to find the wallets in regular leathers in the boutiques although if your boutique is small they probably will not have a wide selection. If they do not have the color you want, your SA can track one down for you. If you want an exotic leather (ostrich, lizard, croc) it may take a little while to locate one. There is no wallet waiting list as far as I know.

    Bolduc Twillys are going to be really expensive on Ebay. I would suggest you ask about them at a boutique and have someone try and locate one for you.
  5. Hi Dianagrace,

    Thanks for replying. There is only one hermes boutique in Melbourne and they do not have any Bolduc twillies left. Sigh. Are they still available in the US? I love the Bearn wallets but the selection here is really limited. =(
  6. I didn't realize you were in Australia. Grands Fonds is in Sydney and maybe she can give you some additional input (and better price estimates) when she logs on. I have seen bolduc Twillys in my boutique and on recently but not in the colors you are looking for. I will keep on the lookout for you though. Have you tried calling the Sydney boutique?
  7. Welcome!!
  8. For your twillys you might try NM too :smile:
  9. I remember looking at the Hermes site, but they didn't ship outside the US last time I checked. Your best bet would be to try to get a boutique to locate one for you since the Bolduc Twillys sell for much more than the retail of $115 on eBay.

    Bearn bi-fold wallets start at around $1500 for the calf leathers, $1800 for the goat, and $2200 and up for the exotics when I was looking the other week. I don't know how much the trifolds or the Dogons are since I wasn't interested in those styles.

    No worries - I'm in the same boat as you - I own LV, Chanel and others, but only have a Twilly so far, and am anxiously waiting for my Bearn to get "unlost" from the post office at some point!
  10. AHHHH - You're in Australia!!

    OK - Here's what you do.......decide what pattern you want by going to the website (the link I posted) THEN get Susie (manager at Melbourne) to call Sydney next Wednesday (the day the new boutique opens) and have them send it to Melbourne. Sydney is BOUND to have the design, as a little bird told me they are about to be stocked to the brim!!!!!

    Otherwise, let me know what you're after...I should be in there several times over the next week.........

    If you're happy to wait, Melbourne should be able to tell you when they're expecting new stock, and ask them to call you when the Twillys arrive?


  11. ohhh - don't know if you'll be able to get an older one, though......maybe you will have to try eBay. If you find one on eBay, post it here so we can OK it for you - OR check the sellers out from the sticky at the top of the forum page.

  12. DQ - I would also call the Gold Coast store and Marina Mirage....they may have the one you want - if they won't send it to Melbourne, do it through the Melbourne Boutique. Just tell them QLD has the one you want.
  13. Hi DQ!! With regards to customizing wallet, my SA told me it depends on what leather in what color is actually available for ordering for small leather goods. She said that just because a combination is available for handbag doesn't mean that it's always going to be doable in wallet or other accessories. The reason I know that is I asked her about getting a small something in saffron ostrich and she said they couldn't make it in that combo. Granted, this is Hermes so I'm sure there're exception to the rule if the customer is important or if the customer is lucky - I know I'm going to try my luck again to see if that can be ordered a few months from now :flowers:

    As for prices of the wallet, it depends on the leather, size, and the structure of the wallet.
  14. Thanks ladies! You all have been such sweethearts for responding to all my queries! I've been desperately trying to get my hands on a bolduc twilly (orange/brown or olive green/black) so if anyone sees it at an hermes store, PLEASE please please please send a PM to me asap. Thank you all once again! =)