Newbie needs help with Reissue...

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I've started liquidating my Balenciagas to fund for a Chanel bag. :shame: Anyway I saw a couple of "reissue" bags on this forum and I fancy them a lot! Are they easily available in the Chanel boutiques? Also, how much do they retail for? (the 255 size) :shrugs: Alright hope to hear from you girls real soon! Thanks in advance! :love: Love ya all heaps! Xoxo... :heart:
  2. This season's reissues are fairly easy to get.
  3. I'm actually after the grey 225 reissue... How much does it retail for? =)
  4. u mean 05's grey? if so then im afraid its sold out already

    cruise 06 has a flashy silver ... im not sure about the pricing ,sorry :sad:
  5. Oh dear. Hmm what about the bronze? Anyway is USD$2000 a fair price to pay for the 2005 grey reissue (small size)?
  6. The grey 225-2005 reissue retailed at $1895. It's going to be very difficult to find one now, but there are some new colors out in the Cruise 2007 collection.
  7. The 225 is small, almost evening bag size. You might want to check out the reference section above and make sure that the 225 was the size you are interested in.

    You're only bet is eBay now (or etailers/online consignment shops).

    Good luck.:flowers:
  8. Thanks for the advice! Well I'm hoping to chance upon a 225 or 226 in bronze or gray... Sigh. Guess I'll just have to wait around and see how it goes. :love:
  9. Smooth has just reported that the dark silver has arrived at the Mad av store......

    There are also a couple of grey (2005) for sale on ebay. If you decide to bid for these , post them on the 'authenticate this' thread first......

    Best of luck!
  10. Thanks Rose! Well I'm actually situated in Australia and it's pretty difficult to get my hands on one. Is the dark silver very similar to the grey (2005)?

  11. The dark silver is a metallic on distressed leather. The grey of 2005 is a matte grey.
  12. Excellent! Well I'm looking forward to the dark silver since I missed out on the grey from last season... :lol: The 225 seems a tad bit too small for me so I'm hoping to chance upon a 226 or 227. :shrugs: