newbie needs help with next purse....

  1. hi there! i just came across this forum and i was very excited to see a forum dedicated to purses! i have this newly acquired obsession with LV and i am ready to make my next purchase. i was thinking about the canvas alma but wondered if there were any other suggestions out there. what is a LV must-have?

    thanks in advance. :smile:
  2. Do you already have a speedy? Or maybe something in MC like the Alma.
  3. A speedy is a good starter is the alma. Are you thinking shoulder or hand bag?
  4. i'm thinking hand bag. i wish i bought the klara or the mizi when i had the chance.
  5. How about the monogram trouville or deaville?
  6. Is this your first LV? May I ask your age? Also would you venture outside of monogram canvas?
  7. (Hope you don't mind me tagging along onto this post!)
    Do you think certain styles are more age appropriate than others? I hadn't given much thought to this aspect of choosing the right style. I have a short list of styles I'd been lusting for, but I would be curious as to what suggestions you'd make based on my age and see if that fits in with any I'd been eyeing. I'm 37...I'm self-employed (artist) so I don't *need* a bag for the office or anything. I like a good medium sized bag that I can fit most of my essentials in, but not so large that I look like I'm wearing a carry-on. (I need to be able to fit my pda, a wallet with checkbook, glasses, lotion, cosmetic pouch, tissues, and keys.) I only use small bags for going out ot dinner or holidays or other special events where I only take a few essentials with me (money, lipstick, keys). I know the speedy is the quintessential LV, but speedy is not on my current wishlist. I would love to hear what types of suggestions you have for me based on my needs and age.

    The styles I had really been eyeing are: drouot, alma, batignoles horizontal, saleya pm...zippy organizer for a wallet...and for times I need a small bag, I like recital, pouchette accessories and trotteur. I'm really only interested in mc or azur. Oh, almost forgot, I also love the Denim baggy GM and I like the monogram groom items too.
  8. Ooops...meant to say mono or azur, not mc!
  9. MC speedy, def. :heart:
  10. hi lv love! this would be my 4th purse. so far, i have....

    epi pochette acc
    pochette croissant
    batignolles horizontal

    i'm 29. and i think i'd go outside mono canvas.

  11. I was considering the Alma, but decided to go with the Battignolles Horiztonal instead and I am SO happy I did -I absolutely LOVE this purse....I can wear it over my shoulder if I want, otherwise carry it with my hands - it's an AWESOME purse and so many other people have raved about it too! I just got mine yesterday, :heart: :heart: :heart: this purse!!!
  12. It really depends on what your needs and wants are :smile:

    for examples, if you carry alot of things then i wold definently suggest a Batignolles Horizontal or Cabas Mezzo (or Piano). The only thing with the Cabas is that they are all vachetta bottom. :sad: so you have to be very careful! If you only want something classic then definently go for the speedy. Nothing better than a speedy to start off your collection!
  13. Damier Speedy. So nice!
  14. If you want to venture out of about a Damier speedy? The speedy is a must-have and Damier gets you out of mono canvas. Or.....a multicolore speedy to add some color to your collection. Or.....something in the Epi an Epi speedy!
    Can ya tell I love speedys LOL
  15. I'd go for the Damier Speedy.