Newbie needs help with LV noé bag...

  1. Hi!

    I´m a newbie on Purse Forum and I got the tip from members on Honestforum to register here! Wow, I love this forum...I didn´t even know it existed:yahoo:

    I need help to authenticate this Petit Noé bag (at least I think it´s called.. please correct me if I´m wrong) I think it looks very good but I´m no expert, so please help me =) The bag has a stamp but I don´t have any good picture of´s very hard to get a good picture since my camera sucks..but in the third picture you can see something that is supposed to show the stamp " Louis Vuitton Made in France".

    If it´s real...I got myself a good deal I think (paid $72). TIA/ Emma
  2. Anyone?:smile:
  3. On my new petite noe' that I bought from the LV store, one side says "made in France" and the other side says "LOUIS VUITTON PARIS" with the r circled above it...does that help any?
  4. I have deleted what I previously said.
  5. Need more pics to say for sure, but from what I see it appears to be authentic and vintage
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