Newbie needs help with a spy bag!

  1. Hi there!

    I'm planning to buy my very first Fendi Spy bag and was wondering if anyone has seen the Camel/Bone version around? :nuts: I'm deciding between the Camel/bone, Honey or Cherry Spy bags. Are they easily available or is there a long waiting list for them? Also, I live in Melbourne and do not have access to a Fendi boutique so I really need opinions on the choice of colour as I'll probably be ordering over the phone. Let me know what you gorgeous ladies think! Thanks! :cutesy:

    Fendi Spy Bag List
  2. Hello - The camel/bone and cherry are no longer in production (they are from last year). EBay would be your best bet in sourcing these colours.

    Honey is a S/S colour and there may still be some around.

    I prefer the honey out of the 3 choices. I had the cherry and it looked pretty washed out IRL. Good Luck :flowers:
  3. I agree with estile. I saw the new cherry irl but wasn't that impressed with the overall look of the new cherry spy. I think the honey will be the best choices out of the three. Good luck!
  4. Honey is on
  5. Thanks ladies! Well I'm open to any suggestions and am not limiting myself to those 3 colours. Should I wait for next season's colours? Also, do the spy bags come in different sizes? I saw a couple on but I'm not certain if they are authentic.
  6. Definitely go with the Honey! It is gorgeous!
  7. The spy bag that you normally see would be the medium/normal sized ones.. the ones with the secret compartment flap.. but the spy bag also comes in a couple of smaller sizes, albeit different design, the piccolo spy, bauletto.. and the tote? i think? (someone correct me!)

    there was also the LUGGAGE sized fendi spy which looks like the normal spy bag, but is huge.... (i think that' discontinued now).

    the most popular spy bag colour was the cognac, which is a medium brown bag with slightly orangey brown handles... this one is easy to match with everything.

    I personally have the taupe/purple and the white/black spy bags which are also from last year....

    Another popular colour is the choc brown, which most girls say is really yummy and thick in real life..

    ALSO.. the famous forest green and petrol blue spy bags are very popular.

    As for the choices you had.. i would go for the honey.. although i personally prefer the richer colours than the washed out (current cherry, bone) ones... because the leather on the spy bag looks really thick and smooshy and because it's crumply.. richer colours makes the spy bag look yummy.

    SO.. if you don't like what you see this season, either wait for NEXT season OR hold out for a gorgeous old season one to appear on ebay and get one of the lovely girls here to authenticate it for you before you buy!

    Hope that helps!!

    p/s: i'm from sydney! But i bought my white/black from NeimanMarcus in the states (phone ordered) and my purple/taupe from the fendi store at the Rocks here in syd.
  8. I'm sorry but I have never heard of a camel/bone, honey or cherry spy bags. They have it in plain black, gold, gold with silver, tan or whiskey, brown or tobacco and they also have it in denim stripes and canvas with beads. They also have it in zucca, the one with the FFF design of Fendi. Its better to choose basic colors like brown or black so that its easier to match them. Or the metallic gold or silver which are the popular colors now.
  9. Hi Waterfalls,

    Thank you so much for replying! I'm quite keen on the petrol blue spy bags but I heard that they are really hard to come by. I love the white/black, white/red combination too.. it's TDF! Anyway are Fendi Spy bags like balenciaga bags in terms of leather variation? If I were to order over the phone, should I state a certain leather "type" that I fancy or are they all pretty much the same? =)
  10. There was actually a white/red on ebay about maybe 6 weeks ago? i don't think it went for TOO high a price.. but they do pop up once in a while.. keep watching! but remember to post here for authentication first!

    the last white that came out was a pure white with white handles.. The last Australian summer (dec 05), sydney fendi stores had the white one...

    Maybe this summer might have another light coloured one again? wait it out! hehee.. =)

    Petrol and Green come up on ebay pretty often i think, more than two toned ones... but SOME of them have issues with fading.

    There was a cherry one and bone one from past seasons... but they are rare.. hardly see them anymore..

    BUT, i think the LATEST spy season has a cherry.. but i heard it's very washed out looking, unlike the one Victoria beckham has (she has a cherry spy from the older seasons)...

    I've also seen two tone or cherry in the Baby spy (the smaller one with the zipper only) come up on ebay..

    New spy bags seem to pop up on eluxury or Neiman Marcus websites too.. you can order via credit card i think...

    Good luck with your hunt!! But i think you should try calling DJs Sydney or the Fendi store at the Rocks (sydney) and ask them what colours they have there now, and when new colours might come in.. keep calling.. and maybe you could buy from Sydney Fendi.. i know they don't like to do phone orders becuase of credit card fraud.. but i'm sure you know someone in sydney who can help u.. I wouldn't mind helping you buy if you like, but of course, there are trust issues.. =)

    Hope you get ur dream bag soon! i'll look out for two toned ones if i see any.. =)
  11. Hi waterfalls,

    I'm definitely going to wait for a PERFECT (in mint condition) spy since it's going to be my very first Fendi bag! I really want a two-toned one so I'll probably wait for next season's. I'm not too keen on a white spy simply because I'm such a klutz. Thank you so much for providing such valuable advice darl! =)
  12. sure! no worries.. i've been there.. hehe. =)

    klutz or not.. a white spy is REALLY hawt... i think so anyways..:jammin: