newbie needs help regarding charge-send etc.

  1. Here's my "dilemma".. there is only ONE Chanel seller in my city, and that's a Saks. The SA I dealt with there is not helpful and really doesn't care about helping me even though I already bought a jumbo flap from her. There are no other Chanel sellers within a reasonable distance and I won't be traveling to Paris anytime in the near future. We also don't have any Chanel boutiques in my state.

    Now, I reallyyyy want a 225 or 226 reissue and want to know what's my best (read: thriftiest) option for going about purchasing my dream bag? Taking into consideration that any city I might be traveling to in the near future will have higher sales tax than my own city (our tax: 7%)... should I go for a charge-send from a boutique? What *is* a charge-send (how does it work)? And would I get the bag tax-free b/c my state doesn't have a physical Chanel boutique?

    I read that if a store you order from has a physical presence in your state, you get charged sales tax - therefore I would get charged tax from any Saks, NM, or Nordstrom. That's why I'm asking about buying from a boutique.

    Hope this made sense... I'm definitely still learning! Please, any help or advice? TIA, everyone!
  2. get it from Saks! they waive tax on all charge send to a different state
  3. Really? I had no idea!! Have you done this before? I figured since we have a Saks in-state, they wouldn't waive sales tax. I wouldn't mind ordering from another Saks but I really don't want to deal with that mean SA in my Saks. :push: If there was a way to save on sales tax, though, that'd be a huge plus.

    Thanks for the tip, though! :tup:
  4. Maybe if you have the store sent it to a friend/relative of yours in another /state with no department store and then your F or R will ship it to you!;)
    I just saw this btw:
  5. I just bought a bag from Saks in FL. SA waived tax for me even though I live in MA and there's Saks in the state.
  6. I have purchased bags from SAKS in San Antonio (I have a SAKS in Chicago) and they have waived the tax fees.
  7. Very exciting to hear. Thanks to everyone! I'll def be looking into Saks~
  8. If you buy it from Saks in New York City, they do not charge sales tax if sending it out of state. I don't know why. Also Chanel boutiques don't charge sales tax if there is no boutique in your state. There is a thread somewhere in the Chanel threat titled "SA's who deserve your business". You should be able to find a great SA in a boutique who could help you.
  9. Saks in nyc, they will charge send and waive the tax.
  10. I purchased a wallet at Saks in Dallas and no tax either. There is a Saks in my state as well. Saved me over 8%!
  11. Holy Crapolla! I didn't know this! Had I kown the waived taxes from Saks' out-of-State orders, I wouldn't have had subjected myslef to horrible C.S. at the Beverly Hills' Saks. To think that I could've shopped from home and saved so much $$$ on taxes!!!!!
  12. Well, I've been charged AND not charged tax when ordering from Saks out of state. For sure, however, if you order from Bergdorf, you will NOT be charged tax. Also, if you order from NM and have it sent as a GIFT to a different address than yours, you will NOT be charged tax.
  13. This is all good news to me!

    Is charge send simply giving out your CC info? Or is there more to it? My hubby wants to buy me a bag but he's out of the country. He refuses to let me buy it myself.. it has to come "from him".. so I need more info on how charge sends work :smile:
  14. NM will charge you tax if sent from an out of state store to your home, but if you mail it to a friend's house, a block away, there is no tax cause they consider it a gift! Chanel boutiques charge tax on everything they ship, including their shipping charges.

    FYI though - even though you aren't being charged sales tax, technically you still have to pay it to the state. (It's called an "honor" system!) You could get in trouble if ever caught.....

    This happens in our field (photography) all the time. Most of us buy from NY camera stores or online and never get charged sales tax. Photographers spend tens of thousands of dollars on guy did get audited and had to pay back tax on everything he had purchased. Chances are, personal accounts won't get audited, especially for purses, but just thought I'd let you know, as an FYI.
  15. I think it just depends on your SA, because I have a Saks in my state and sometimes I am charged tax when I do an out of state charge send while other times I am not. Marta (Chanel specialist) at Saks in Boca Raton, FL, does charge send for me all the time and never charges tax.:yes: