Newbie needs help on Sienna...

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  1. I've just discovered Kooba bags after a friend recommended I check them out. After looking through the various online retailers and on eBay, etc, I think I've fallen in love with Sienna.. I need one of those! :tup:

    Since they're no longer in production, I'm wondering if anyone can help on the sizing of them. I'm 5'1" and about 100lbs, so I'm not sure if this bag would look too big on me. I'm looking for a good sized every day bag.

    If anyone can post pics of them with their Siennas on.. or even direct me to any past links that'll be great!! TIA!

    BTW.. I just made an impulse buy on a black jillian from revolveclothing.. cant wait to receive it! :p
  2. Here is a link for some great pictures. You can Google Kooba Sienna and get some old pictures from websites. I will be no help with the size issue because I'm 5'9 but Sienna seems to be the "go to bag" for a lot of ladies here in the Kooba Forum. Although some might find that comment debatable :smile: And many women have more than one! Like 4,5 and 6! They are like candy! So many beautiful colors and different leathers. Also Sienna Miller who the bag was made for is a fairly waifly young woman and she looked great carrying one. BTW---where is the black Jillian at Revolve you bought??!!!
    Good luck! ;);)
  3. Lite, I am about your size (I'm 5'2" 109) and my raisin Sienna is one of my fave bags! Its not too big at all.
  4. Augh! I think you got the last Jillian--it says it's sold out! Congrats--you got a really sweet deal!! :tup: