~~*Newbie needs help: Lockit Horizontal Or......??? *~~

  1. Hi everyone.. I'm new here.. Am really glad to have found this site.. :yes: At least I could tell my hubby that I'm not the "only one"..hehe..:yahoo:

    Right now I'm looking for something which can be carry over the shoulder, spacious, and suits for every occasion/dressing. So I came down with:

    Monogram Lockit Horizontal & Popincourt Haut

    But I'm stuck between these two..so I tried to come up with the negatives:
    Lockit -tive: High maintenance and worries me that fakes will comes out more soon...as the design is simple..:cursing:
    Popincourt Haut -tive: At times I look at it it looks like a "box"..

    Bottomline, I still love these 2 and am stuck which one to go for..
    Btw I'm 1.6m tall, medium built.
    Your opinions and feedback will be greatly appreaciated. Thank you! :smile:
  2. I prefer the popincourt haut, I think the shape is nicer and it's quite comfortable to carry.

    Welcome by the way ! :yes:
  3. Lockit Horizontal!! :P

    i saw someone's post the other day.....looks FAB!!!:love: :heart:

    it still has this fresh NEW look since it's been re-born and just came out....PH is cute, but last time i was at LV, i tried it on and it wasn't just for me....i like my BH better!! i hope you'll find your perfect bag!! or two?!:graucho: :flowers:
  4. i prefer the Popincourt Haut. i don't like the shape of the Lockit bags in the Monogram line; it looks so much better in the Suhali line.

    the Popincourt Haut is a shoulder bag, which i think you will find very useful. it's really not box-like, despite the structure. and the zipper is so cute too :yes:
  5. I like the Lockit Horizontal.
  6. Lockit!
  7. I vote for Popincourt Haut!
  8. Popincourt Haut!!! ;)
  9. Lockit Horizontal or Batignolles Horizontal.:love:
  10. Lockit Horizontal:yes: Viconmodel has one ( checkout 'visual aids') and I think it looks hot. Good luck with your decision.

    WELCOME btw you'll love it here!!!!:flowers:
  11. lockit
  12. If you don't really mind maintaining the vachetta on the bottom of your lockit, I'd say lockit.

    Otherwise, go with the popincourt!!!
  13. My vote is for the Popincourt Haut
  14. Popincourt Haut. The Lockit Horizontal is a bit big and may seem more "bag"-ish then "purse"-yish. I don't think it would be as versatile to wear esp. for dressier occasions.
  15. Have you considered the Batignolles Horizontal or vertical? They're great shoulder bags!