Newbie needs help finding bag....please!!

  1. Hello everyone, nice to meet you!

    So great to find this place, I am crazey about handbags! I hope someone can help me. I have been looking everywhere for the Marc Jacobs Leopard Venetia. I am pretty sure it's the Venetia because I have a pink one and it's of similiar style and size. I saw it about 3 months ago at Nordies and should have snatched it up, but didn't. I saw someone carrying it the other day and just fell in love with it!! I have checked all the on-line fine dept. stores like Saks, etc. Also checked the M.J. website. I find the Leopard Cammie but it's too small. I want the satchel size, its about 15x9. Does anyone have any suggestions?? I should also let you know I don't e-Bay.....too scared. Thanks in advance for any help!!! giselle
  2. the best i can do is a leopard cammie or a zebra venetia :-/ good luck
  3. hi Amanda, thanks for the help. I was finding the same info as well. I keep hoping it will turn up somewhere. I did snag a bag I wanted though, so I am at least happier, I will post about it. Again, thanks for trying! giselle