Newbie, needs help deciding on a cognac/brown bag Tano...


Jul 21, 2008
Hey everyone! This is my first time in the Tano forum and I must say I'm liking what I'm seeing! I'm a huge fan of oversized leather purses, love the bags of Nicole Richie, MK Olsen, & Vanessa Hudgens, but don't have the bank account for the $400+ bags. So, I searched until I stumbled upon Tano. Wasn't really impressed until I saw these bags:

Love It or Loathe It:

'All A Flutter' (but the site also lists it as 'Heart to Heart', No clue what that means. lol)

'Meet Jane' (just be my soulmate in purse forum! This IS the one for me, if it's availble in brown/cognac!):nuts:

I need help deciding on a Tano style from above or silmilar ones in a satchel/hobo form. Does anyone know if the ^^^ come in brown/cognac? Nothing more than $230, as I am a college student, who can't really afford (can't really afford $230, but you gotta treat yourself sometimes, you know?) to drop so much $$ on a bag. Any help deciding would be awesome! Also, can anyone tell me about Tano's quality as far as leather? The pictures on their site look great but in person things could be different. Either way, I never knew it was possible to fall in love with a purse and in love w/ Tano. If I order(which will be in a few weeks, still waiting on my tax refund), will I get a dustbag & how should I protect the bag from spills or mishaps? Thank you!!


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Jun 26, 2009
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Tano is great. Excellent prices and choices! First of all, be sure and email Must Have Bag w/ your tPF name. You will receive 10% all full price bags (excluding the Boogie Bucket). :biggrin:

The bags that you are looking at are tumbleweed leather. I don't have one like this, but know that this is a really rugged leather-I'm sure that someone in the know will chime in soon enough. What other types of bags/leathers are you drawn to? Check out Tano's website to see what colors the bags were made in: JANE&makebuy=B&status=&whlprice=0

If you see something that you like that isn't on MHB's website, call them or Tano. Tano will tell you what websites and/or stores ordered the bags from them.


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Feb 26, 2008
Hey there, welcome to TPF and Tano!

Those are both from 'tumbleweed' leather which has been a big hit. It's rugged and smooshy and has raw edges. As for the 'meet jane' coming in brown... email MHB and they can tell you for sure!

Also, 10% off full priced bags if you belong to TPF, just email them your screen name ;) so $230 becomes a bit less expensive!

As for treating tumbleweed... I'm not sure since I don't own any tumbleweed bags; tanos are generally great with spills/rain though!


Jul 21, 2008
thank you for the tips! I can't believe I've never checked out this company before. I might just have to buy another new black bag from Tano too.;)


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Mar 15, 2009
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I have a tumbleweed bag...and I can tell you it is thick smooshy chewy leather...I have not treated mine with anything, and I think it is holding up just fine...I have the green surplus Wunderkinder...

I think the All a Flutter and the Heart to Heart is the same bag, in different leather...I think one is tumbleweed and the other is another type of leather...Tano does that...the same bag in a different leather will be called a different name!

Good luck in deciding on your first on this subforum...we say if a bag makes you make the GISN (Giant inhalely sucky noise) when you see it, that is the bag for you!! So go with the one you just keep staring at and cannot imagine not having!!