Newbie needs help: Bal City or Twiggy for me?

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  1. Hi there, I am contemplating getting my first Bbags and have almost settled on buying the twiggy until I came across some fabulous City styles, such as this new one in lizard embossed leather!

    I love the iconic shape of Bbags but I am NOT a big bag person and that's the main reason why I'm hesitant with City (note: First is definitely too small for my needs). I wish there is something in between the two sizes! The twiggy sort of fits the bill although it's more of a bowler shape (I already own a few bowlers), but I kinda like the way it slouches, which makes it look quite different from structured bowlers. I also like the fact that it can be worn with a long strap - I don't own any bags like that yet.

    As for City, well, without a doubt it is one of the Bal classics but I really am worried it would look too big on me (I am 5'2 and about 118lbs). My only size reference is the large Prada Fairy bag I own (around 14' x 10' x 6'), which I find a tad too big to wear on a regular basis, but that's rectangular in shape. Does Bal City look smaller when it slouches? For the new lizard embossed leather, I read that it is soft to the touch too, but is it less slouchy than the agneau leather?

    It doesn't help that there is no Bal store near my place of residence so I am not able to try out the styles in person! :wondering So any advice, opinion and sharing of personal experience will be a wonderful help!

    Thanks in advance!! ;)

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  2. You can't go wrong with a City! It definitely looks smaller because of the way the leather slouches, so, unless you fill it up completely, it really isn't that large. I actually prefer my City when it has less stuff in it. The lazy slouch is what I love about my Bal City!

    I haven't seen any of the lizard embossed bags yet, so I can't speak to that leather. I think I prefer the classic distressed leather because of its drape, but you never know. Have fun deciding!
  3. You can consider Town! Size is between First and City! Besides that, Town can be worn crossbody. I love this new style and it becomes my fav style now :smile: Btw, I own a City and a First too. I'm about the same height with you. I don't feel City looks big on me. I would say if you have a lot to carry go with City, if not go with Town :smile:
  4. Thanks for the tips! I thought of town too, but as I am also considering buying pre-loved (there are more colour choices), there are less options for town since it's a relatively new style. Will certainly keep it in mind if I come across the right colour!! :biggrin:
  5. City
  6. Get a City! It definitely looks smaller than what the dimensions suggest due to the slouch.
  7. I would suggest a City with regular leather (i.e. not embossed). Once it slouches, it won't be too big for you, don't worry. And as well as the strap, you can also use the handle which should fit on your shoulder comfortably.
  8. City! I'm 5'4" and the city is a perfect fit for me.
  9. The City is not big at all. I am 5 ft. I think the twiggy has more of a duffle shape rather than a bowler bag. It holds as much as a City.

    I saw the Velo style last Saturday and it is a bit bigger than the City by a few inches, and I feel it is the better size for me actually. I guess what I am saying is the City may not be as big as you think it is!
  10. My vote is for city. IMO twiggy depth is too shadow and my stuff tend to drop out of the bag.
  11. For your first Bal, since you are looking for something between the First and the City, then it's a Town all the way. The long strap can also be doubled up (lots of threads on this) if you like the way you carry the City or Twiggy). Colourwise, ask the consignment sites to keep an eye out for you, and check ebay or bonanzle (but make sure they are authenticated here on TPF before you put nay money down).

    However, if you want something that you can also tote around more things inside, then it's the City for its versatility of space options.

    I think as your first Bal bag, if you are not going to follow-up with another purchase soon, then the City is the best bag - like the others say, it won't look big at all once it softens up with use.

    Good luck with your decision!
  12. the city's definitely not too big, no worries there! it's the classic bal shape, definitely will not go wrong with it. i have both twiggy and city and reach for the city more often (but i've had my city longer :P) from your post though, you seem to prefer the twiggy more? go for the style which makes your heart sing!
  13. City first, then Twiggy ;)
  14. I am 5'2 and very conscious of bag size, but the City does not feel too big for me. It's one of the few larger bags that I can pull off, due mainly to the slouch.
    When I tried on the Twiggy, the width of the bag, in my opinion, made it look awkward on me.
    The City rocks. You can't go wrong with it.
  15. Have to agree with most of the comments here and say that the City is definitely the best style, especially when it's your first Bal. Also, I think you should stick to the regular leather instead of the lizard. Have fun choosing!