Newbie needs guidance! Help me decide...

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  1. Hello all,

    I've been bitten by the Hermes bug! After much deliberation (and consulting with gotbighair and Sammyjoe...THANKS ladies!), I've decided I really want an orange swift 35cm Birkin. Please talk me in or out of it. Pros? Cons? Is it a good first choice? If I follow my pattern, it won't be my last. I already have tons of other black/brown bags, so I want to steer away from those. I'd appreciate any advice you can give me! TIA!
  2. You *must* love a slouchy Birkin, one than collapses into a heap if you want Swift in a 35cm. This is the most important deciding factor >> whether you like your Birkin sitting tall all the time, or one that has a relaxed look and holds down.

    Orange in Swift is gorgeous.
  3. I would be scared of swift in a 35 due to the wear issue. Depends how much you would use it. Some people say that swift is fine for everyday, but I had a rose dragee swift 32 kelly I felt i had to tiptoe around due to being so delicate. Orange would be lush in this leather though- a real bright pop.
  4. Maintenance shouldn't be a problem because I believed you take care of your bags very well. It won't be your one and only.:P Swift takes bright colors very well. Orange swift as a 1st is beautiful. How about vermillion swift?;)
  5. Thanks for the link IFFAH!
  6. Love the idea of an orange birkin. I don't have a swift bag, so no advice (other than as MrsS said, it will floop big time). Please post photos of the bag when you get it!
  7. The possible "flooping" (love that word!) doesn't thrill me but I'm drooling over the orange in swift. What to do? What to do??
  8. If you don't like your bag very floppy, a 35 in swift is not y
    A bag for you!
  9. Orange swift sounds absolutely yummy! if this is what you want after consulting the experts then go for it! ;)
  10. I know it's not a Birkin but isn't Slyvie's much-admired Kelly 40 in orange swift?

    If it is, the floopy-factor is totally eclipsed by the sheer beauty of the orange in swift!
    What a stunner a Birkin 35 would be, IMHO. Since you say it won't be your last, you could always get another, stiffer skin for a Birkin later.:graucho:
  11. I think a Kelly in swift is fab and I love sylvie's. Personally I love floppy bags but if I were you getting my first birkin I'd go for Togo,lovely leather and not too floppy. Go to your nearest H and have a look in their leather book checking out the diferent colours in various leathers! Good luck!!

  12. Unfortunately, the nearest H to me a couple hours away, so I can't really go see in person. It sounds like they don't have much stock anyways. Sigh!
  13. Orange is a must have color! I've been looking for a little something in Orange as well. You may want to try this color in person, to see how it works with your complexion.

    If you rotate your bags and not use this one daily, floppiness can be managed with proper handling and storage.

    Good luck! Must do a reveal to share with us!
  14. Oh purseinsanity - it didn't take much persuading did it? Orange would go lovely with the rest of your collection (especially your 4 new Ostrich Bays!).

    I'm pretty new to H myself so I can't help you with leather or anything - why have you decided on Swift?
  15. Oh, sorry about that....however if you manage to go you can look at other leather accessories they have in different colours and leathers to get a little feel of it at least!