Newbie Needs B-bag Experts Advice

  1. Sigh, i have not yet got my b-bag. No lucky on my 1st love, a violet RH City.
    Can anyone just give me lots & lots of opinion, i m into rouge, jaune d'or and violet, in which style do you think they looks the best? Thks, thks, thks.
  2. Oh rain fan, all your color choices are beautiful. It's like comparing apples and oranges. I think you just need to simplify your options by looking at the color palette of your clothes and see what color goes best with it. Next is that when you do come across any of these colors, check out the quality of the leather. BBags are notorious for running a gamut of leather qualities, from smooth, to veiny, to squishy, to shiny. Good luck!
  3. What do you want to use the bags for? Day or Evening? Fun or work? How much do you carry? I love the First, City and Work but they have very different capacities. The Day is also a great casual bag. Do you want to carry in your hand, over your arm or on your shoulder.
  4. anufangava: I know, it is tough. Thks fo yr advice.
    Jenova: I m looking for a day bag, fun, I like to carry over shoulder. Which one do you think i shd get? Thks, thks
  5. The City would be great unless you have really big shoulders in which case you might have to revert to use of the long strap rather than the handles. It is a structured bag that ages and then sags quite a lot.

    I love the Day, which is naturally slinky and saggy, for a really casual fun look. I think the Day is more fun, particularly in a bright colour.

    All your colours are great.

    Jaune is probably the most fun but it various from orangey yellow to yellowy orange so how adaptable can yo b? I have one of the more orange type and it is shocking. I love it but it is pretty bold!

    Sammydoll posted a thread showing her Jaune Day which was really really great.