Newbie :) needs advise!

  1. Hey you gals! Just joined, and this is my first post! I am little swedish girl Agnes:smile:
    Ah, what a lovely forum this is!

    Now, to the "problem":
    I need a bag. But I don't know which one. I'm starting university this fall so I need one to keep books, planner, pencils etc in.
    So, what is your obvious choice?
    To let you know my taste in bags, I let you know that I alredy own one black Chloe Silverado, one sky blue Balenciaga motorcycle, the black logo Gucci horsebit hobo and cream Gucci bucket. I also have a BCBG hobo which is very practical. My most recent bag purchase was the Marc Jacobs perforated leather chain-strap shoulder bag in whiskey (from the cruise collection on sale) before that I got the pink Mulberry Rosemary (70% off at the sample sale-yeah! :smile:) and during a visit to Melbourne in march I got my BABY tax free - Chanel Classic quilted chain shoulderbag in burgundy and gold hardware (the one with the rough leather that'll last longer).

    Now I'm concidering the Chloe Edith (in whiskey - or maybe jade?). But I'm not sure about the fact that you can't carry it on your shoulder. But I'm a sucker for Chloe...
    I have also been thinking about Mulberry Bayswater or maybe one style from Jimmy Choo or Marc Jacobs or the YSL muse... But I'm not sure, should I grab the Edith?
    Please help me! I really need to be stylish for UNI.
    Do I need to tell you I'm studying fashion? ;)
  2. Welcome to the Forum! I know that you are going to school so having a bag large enough to carry a notebook is important. I think that the Muse would be great for that. As for the Edith, if you have skinny arms, you shouldn't have a problem putting it over your shoulder.
  3. oh thanks thats good to know :smile: I don't know if my arms are that skinny though.. But they are def. biecepsless;)

    Do you have a bag that could keep books etc? Which one do you have and do you love it? :smile:
  4. I use my Edith for university and she can hold a ton! I just love the English school boy look and this is the IT bag for autumn. I say go for an Edith!!
  5. Another vote here for the Edith, I just love it. I think I've seen it somewhere with longer straps? Does anyone know for sure if it comes like that as well?
  6. I teach college and I use my Edith to carry stuff around. There is a larger Edith that fits over your shoulder, but it is quite big. There are also some new styles for fall at The alternative would be to find a really cute courier-type bag. I like the men's luggage courier at Coach...I think it's called a map bag.
  7. have some lovely bags already in your collection!

    ETenebris suggested a really nice bag from Coach...quite a smart idea...I used a style like that myself when I was at the University. It will never grow old.
  8. ^^I agree with Tanja - it's such a cute school bag (even though I teach school!). It can also hold a lot. My next choice would be a Muse, but that's a more elegant look.
  9. I really like the Edith for school and the muse second.
  10. I like the Edith too! However I think the Bayswater in an excellent choice and you can fit a big notebook in that too!:smile:
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