Newbie Needs Advice

  1. :shame: New to this forum. Hi..I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I have a Coach signature duffel from a couple of years ago that I love. I want a new one and after standing at the Macy's counter, I couldn't decide. I have MS and I don't need a heavy bag to throw me more off balance than I am already am <g>

    I need a comfortable, lighter weight shoulder bag with room.I thought I decided on the large sig hobo and then there were comments about it being heavy. Any help would be appreciated greatly.:yes: --Merry--
  2. any specifics you want? does it need to zip?
  3. Hi Kallison. My daughter is a psyc grad student. I like the duffel, but they make them smaller now. I like the tote, but I need a zipper, good amount of room and something that will stay on my shoulder. Like the hobo, but heard it was heavy. --Merry--

    HOLIDAY PATCHWORK SHOULDER TOTE Like this worried that stuff will fall out.

    SOHO SIGNATURE LARGE HOBO Like this was heard it was heavy and didn't stay on shoulder

    HAMPTONS SIGNATURE LARGE HOBO No zip, but nice bag, not sure if it's heavy.

    None of these were at Macy's so I could see them and they are the only ones to carry Coach
  4. i was going to say that hamptons sig large hobo...i fell in LOVE with that one in the store. i don't think it's heavy at all.

    have you tried the outlets?

    (btw, how's your daughter liking the psych grad program? i'll be doing that in about a year...)
  5. Kallison, The sig hobo? I wonder why people thought it was heavy. Did it sit well on your shoulder.?
    No outlets close by -sigh

    (Actually she is completing her PhD this year in clinical psychology and she would tell you that it is a long haul, lots of work and very rewarding and she is getting her first Coach bag for X-Mas :yes: )

  6. as long as it's worth it in the end, i'm up for the challenge.

    first, there are 2 hobos: the soho and the hamptons. i prefer the structured hamptons one. the soho one is probably lighter, but probably wont stay on teh shouler. hamptons may be a smidge heavier, but stays on the shoulder more...
  7. Thank you, I do like the Hamptons hobo and I need a shoulder bag

    If you like a challenge and don't mind hard work then it is worth it. :yes: