newbie needs advice on Kooba...

  1. You are all so knowledgeable, may i pick your brains? I am from small fishing village, Canada. Up til now i knew only LV, CD, Coach, and Prada. Ok now i see these Kooba bags, and i am in love with many of them.:nuts:

    I don't know much about them... are they a well respected bag here, are they well made, and last but not least, my Canadian buds, can we get them here at Holt renfrew. Thanks in advance.:smile:
  2. There's mixed reviews on these bags. Personally, I like them, and I think their quality is fine. They're pretty common now. I live in TX, I have no idea where to buy in Canada.
    Good luck!
  3. I don't recall anyone saying anything bad about them, I don't think they're as popular on this forum. I did own a Kooba and it was great. The leather was soft and it was durable. I sold it to make room for other bags, but I did love this one a lot.
  4. Just so you know, I love some of their bags, but I'm biased against Kooba for their pricing tactics.

    Kooba is strictly a handbag company, and they started out being made in Italy with a retail price of about $250. To become one of the "it" bags, they gave them away to celebrities in hopes that they'd be photographed with it on their arm. They were, and Sienna Miller was most known for carrying the bag that bears her name.

    As the demand increased, they shifted production over to China (I contacted the company about this to make sure), and the prices went up and up and up. That means their profit margin is higher than ever, and they're still representing themselves as a bit of a designer/luxury line. That's my gripe with the company btw. I tend to get a bit testy when a line cuts their costs and raises the price at the same time. I like some of the bags, but I think the consumer is getting royally ripped off.
  5. yes, holts carries kooba. i've seen them in bloor st store, not sure about the rest. there's also a store called augstina in yorkdale that carries them too. but in saying that, i think its still cheaper to order from the US. i bought mine through luna boston. they have sales/coupons and they do international orders over the phone. check out some of the authorized kooba retailers, a lot of them have sales/coupons like luna boston. i bought a chiara and i love it, great leather and perfect casual bag, but they are trendy, so its not a bag i will carry for many seasons.
  6. where are you from? i'm from halifax!
  7. I really like some Koobas :shame: If you decide to go with one, please do share.
  8. Hello Halifax! from way over in BC, Kelowna to be exact.
    Thanks for the info on Kooba. I went into a local fashion store that is carrying Kooba, and checked out the Carla. OMG what a beautiful bag. Seems to be very well made, but all of my leather ROOTS bags are just as well made at a fraction of the cost. I am also considering a Gaucho or some kind of leather Prada or Marc Jacobs.

    I won't be in retail heaven (Vancouver for me) until June, so I have lots of time for research.:biggrin: