Newbie Needs Advice On A Muse 2 With Pony Hair

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  1. Hey ladies! I wanted your opinion on a bag being sold by a tPFer on is a black Muse 2 with pony hair. It looks gorgeous in the pictures and I love the top handle situation! My question to you is, how well does YSL bags hold up when one has an active lifestyle (travel, moving around a lot) and how will the pony hair hold up? I have a Chanel bag in pony hair and it sheds quite a bit, but maybe because it rubs against my body. I guess I could carry this bag without it rubbing against my body. I am seriously considering making an offer.

  2. I have that bag in all black patent and it holds up well, the only place I notice wear are the corners because they are suede, other than that mine still looks new. Pony is going to shed and wear away, personally I would not recommend it for a bag that is going to be an everyday bag.
  3. Thanks nym...the pony hair is not all over the bag, so maybe if I'm extra careful and not wear it to death, it will last? How about the size? Is large really large?
  4. I don't think it's too large but it is also big enough that I can put my macbook in there for a short trip. It's a bag that I don't mind carrying stuffed or almost empty and it never feels huge. One thing to keep in mind is that the black suede lining turns things black so you can't put anything white inside. I had to stop using my LV graffiti wallet with it because it was turning the orange graffiti part black, luckily I noticed quickly. I ended up having to buy a black wallet just for that bag.
  5. i have the exact same bag and i love it! i've had it since last summer, i use it almost every weekend and i don't really baby it that much (i even take it out in the rain!). i have not noticed any wear on the pony hair sections although i have encountered the same issue with the black suede interior as nymifashion so just be conscious of that.

    the patent is gorgeous and the combo with the pony hair gives it a sophisticated touch.
    i have other black bags but this one is special, imo.

    good luck!