Newbie 'Needing' a Whiskey Chloe Paddington!

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I know most of you don't know me as I just joined last week:biggrin:
    BUT..I've been spying the Whiskey Chloe Pad on Net-A-Porter and I'm trying to decide whether to go for it or not! Are they still wait-listed in the U.S? Are many people carrying them? I know eBay has tons of fakes and I wouldn't even dream of attempting to buy one there but am worried that people would think mine was a fake since it so highly replicated.
    I know Carolina? just got hers and she loves it..but I have never had the opportunity to hold one and get a feel for it..being up here in Canada.
    I can afford it as the horse I just bought was 10k less than I thought I would be paying..
    Also, is this something I should be discussing with my live in BF? I know this is a rather silly question, but he would probably not condone spending that much on a purse even though he bought me my first LV.
    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  2. NAP does have them in stock right now. And because they don't charge sales tax to those of us in the States, it actually cost slightly less than buying here.

    Regarding the BF, I think it really depends on your relationship and your financial arrangements. My husband and I both work and we keep some discrectionary money separate to spend as we each desire. He'd probably sh*t a brick if he knew how much a Paddy cost!!! :shame: If you work and it's your money and won't impact your joint finances, my humble opinion is that he doesn't need to know.
  3. Hi and thanks..I wonder if they charge Canadians tax?? I would feel badly about NOT telling him..maybe I'll just not say how much it was. And yes we both work:smile:
  4. I just received my whiskey paddy from NAP yesterday. Before ordering it from there, I had called around to various NM, Saks and Nordstrom looking for it and they were all either sold out, or weren't going to be getting them until January or February. I haven't seen anyone around here carrying it (I live in Orlando, Florida), but I would think they would be more common in NYC or other places that are higher on the fashion chain :P

    As far as the bf goes, that's up to you. If you're working and making your own money, it's yours to spend how you like. That's how I see it. My bf and I have our separate checking accounts and expenses, and that's that. When we get married and have joint expenses and all that marriage stuff, then he can complain about where my money goes.

    Get it! It's a beautiful bag, I am loving mine! A few of the other ladies here have them too, and they love theirs :love:
  5. Hi Christina..sorry I called you Carolina earlier:shame:
    I am soooooo close to going for it! But I have never delt with NAP before..are they completely trsutworthy? And is the leather really gorgeously soft???
  6. That's all right, no biggie :shame: I had never ordered from NAP before this, but I had been to their Web site before and had read about their reliability on here and other forums. They definitely sell authentic goods, they are the online Chloe boutique, Chloe has a direct link to their NAP boutique on their Web site. When you first order from them, you have to wait a day or two for them to verify your address and credit card info. They ship DHL Worldwide Priority Express from the UK. It took two days for my order to come (shipped Monday, arrived Wednesday). And yes, the leather is very soft :love: Hope this helps!
  7. The leather on the paddy is so incredibly soft that you'll know it's a very high quality leather as soon as you touch it! You'll love it so get it before they're gone.
  8. I'm getting it!! My BF said he would buy it for me for xmas instead of taking me to Vegas..but I think I'll pay for it so I can still get the trip. Is there a promotional shipping code on NAP for free shipping? I read that on the eBay purse forum:biggrin:
  9. Yay!! A new bag and a vacation :nuts: The free shipping code for NAP is "freeship" Not sure if it's expired or not, though. Let us know when it comes and take lots of pictures! :biggrin:
  10. Oh I will for sure:smile: I'll post one of me kissing it and have it for my signature on this site:biggrin:
    Thanks so much thinks I'll be spending alot of time on here, LOL:smile:
  11. I think the FREESHIP code expired on 12/18. The website didn't accept it when I ordered on 12/19.
  12. ..the 'freeship' offer code did not work BUT that did not stop me..a Whiskey Chloe Paddington is on it's way to me:nuts:
    I can't believe I just spent this much on a purse I've never seen in 'person'..Yikes!
    But after reading many of the posts here, you all seem to have such great taste and fashion sense that I am sure to be pleased with it!
  13. Megadane .. believe me you will fall in love with it and how practical it is :smile: ... i am not a girl who baby's her bags and it is holding up really well :smile: still like new now and it has been a few weeks ........ :smile: the color ages beautifully as I heard from teh saleswoman and it gets darker and more vintage .... which i cant wait for :smile: its already gorgeous as it is .... i cant wait to see how amazing it will look when it has aged :smile: you will never ever regret this whiskey bag :smile:
  14. Congrats on your buy. I've been stopping myself from buying one yet. It's so beautifully breathtaking!
  15. Congrats on your new bag. How long does it take to ship it from NAP?