Newbie need help!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I would love to find out how big the city bag is?

    Basically I need one that can fit a laptop/binder , and be able to carry on my shoulder!

    I was thinking of work but it's a tad expensive.

    Can you tell me the prices of the bags that can fit a laptop? Thanks!!
  2. If you go to this site they have all the info you need regarding sizes and prices:
    As for fitting a computer in a bag, I think the city would be too small. I have a black city and a Mac and it wouldn't fit, so you'd probably have to shell out for a work (but fortunatley Aloha Rag hasn't raised their prices!), but I guess it depends on your computer.
  3. Thanks!!

    I'm lucky that there is boutique that is a Bbag authorized dealer!

    So I went in and tried, i naye the weekender coz it's huge.

    I love the work, but the SA said there is another one that a laptop will fit, an i got home and forgot which one that was. (14 inch laptop)

    Which of the bags come with a shoulder strap ?? I am not sure if i can hold a bag in my arms for that long!

    Is it impossible to get a grenat work?
    I am close to sacramento, is it cheaper to order from Nordies or Honolulu? (no tax, free shipping)

    This bag doesn't go on sale quick right? Like the Betty, it was marked down from 1800 to 500ish!! pretty scary!

    One last question, how is the resell value of this bag if i dont enjoy her after say 6-9 months?

  4. Fayewolf, maybe you should wait a few more weeks until the part-time style comes out. It seems to be a cross between the city and the work (and it has a shoulder strap).
  5. The city has the shoulder strap. B-bags don't go easily on sale like Chloes, next sale will probably the winter sale I would guess and mostl not all styles are available. B-bags hold their value much better than Chloes.
  6. I am wondering if the City or Part-time would be tall enough to be able to be zipped when carrying a laptop. Seems like the Work would have to be it. The Day/Hobo would probably also be big enough ... and easy to carry on the shoulder ... but you may not like the more unstructured style.
  7. i agree tanja, i think some of the it even had more value than LV...
  8. I don't like the hobo style.. My laptop measures 10x12 (height x width), can someone try to put a similiar size laptop and see if city will fit? Thanks!
  9. I have the 12 inch Ibook, and it fits in my city - but I don't use it as a laptop bag.