Newbie *need* a chocolate brown Betty in Large at sale price

  1. Is it too late? where can I call tomorrow to beg for one? please help me :sad:
  2. Have you tried asking Nordstroms to do a search for you? I also think some Neiman's carries them but I haven't heard if they have them on sale yet. Since Saks and Nordstroms had them on sale, I'm sure NM will too, eventually.
  3. I haven't ask Nordies/Saks to do a search yet, but I just went to NM and they still have it for full price. Do they not do price match at all? but if it's sold out elsewhere, price match won't work anyways, right?
  4. Well I was looking for another color last weekend, and I spoke to an SA @ Nordies in CA and she said if she found it, she would do the price match. So I guess it depends on the SA...
  5. Thanks Anabelle!! I'm just really confused, esp with the size. What price should I be asking her to match to with the med chocolate brown?
  6. The medium (which is the largest size) is about $789 with the 60% discount. I asked the SA if she were to find a bag in my color, would she give me the 60% off retail price, and she said yes. Good Luck! I hope you find one!
  7. Thank you so much!! One store told me if the lady doesn't buy hers tomorrow, I can have it!! :smile:

    Thanks again!
  8. Do you think Nordies carries the smallest one? I got the brown one, but i'm not sure what size it is, i hope it's not a tiny one. :smile:
  9. We'll be able to tell by how much it costs. Did you get 60% discount? I think the next size down (medium size) but they call it "Small" would have been around $713 with the 60% discount...I think this size is the perfect size for an everyday handbag..the smallest one is called extra-small (not sure of price or size dimensions)
  10. I have no idea what percent off she gave me. They seem really busy and she cannot tell me what the original price was, she said it's about $1700, i am really hoping it is the small (medium), i would die if it's the extra small. :sad:

  11. It sounds like you did get the medium sized one. The original price for that was around $1710, I think. The extra small was around $1500 or something. Congrats! :smile: Post pics when you get it!
  12. Thanks!! Will do!! Actually, i just figured that it was 40% plus 30% off, $716 plus tax. I'm so happy. :smile: