newbie n an lv collector

  1. hi, I'm newbie here, I have started collecting lv since feb 07. hope I can make friends with you all guys :smile:
    sorry if my english is bad :sweatdrop:
  2. Hi there, welcome to tPF! Will you show us some photos of your collection? :smile:
  3. that's the problem...

    I don't have digital camera

    and until now, I don't have USB cable for my mobile phone

    so, right now I can't upload my collections photos...:crybaby:

    I'm looking for bluetooth so I can show my collections:smile:
  4. welcome to tPF~!
  5. Welcome!
  6. Welcome!!!
  7. Welcome! WARNING-TPF is bad for the bank balance :yes:
    Cant wait to see some of your collection.
  8. well, there goes your bank account! Come join us & we can show our gorgeous purses & empty LV wallets!
  9. Welcome to the Purse Forum!!! Since you don't have a digi cam now, why don't you tell us a bit about your collection by describing it to us!
  10. WELCOME!!! to LV (tpf). Very addicting habit. If you enjoy wonderful handbags and don't mind a empty wallet. This is the place for you. Enjoy!!! Look forward to hearing about your collection.
  11. Welcome onboard! I tell you, this website is very addictive!:devil: Hee hee .. browse with care....
  12. Welcome!

    And your English is fine, don't worry.
  13. welcome
  14. welcome.
  15. Welcome!