Newbie....Muse II and Downtown questions?

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  1. Hi there,

    Im new to YSL. I've always like the Muse, but recently fell in love with the Downtown & also the Muse II.

    How many different combos it comes in? The one I like the most is the Nubuck one. Cosmos emerald Nubuck one is gorgeous. I've seen different patchwork ones, and also a patent/pony hair one. How many colors do each one come in?

    Has anyone seen a Nubuck one around for a good price? I think I like the Medium size. I am longing to own a Muse II and might even become a proud owner of a Downtown.

    As far as the Downtown, its the medium size, taller/narrower one that I like....not the tote/east/west style. How much did it retail for and how much does it sale for now? (for a leather one) I'm glad I didn't buy when it was full price.

  2. For starters, going to point you in several directions.

    * First, the YSL Reference Library at the top of this subforum shows just about all of the different Muse Two and Downtown colors that have been made. Plus modeling pics, measurements, some prices, etc.

    * As for sales, the year-end sales are winding down now but everyone posts their current sales information in the designated sales sticky at the top of this subforum.

    * Current pricing info can be found on or other reputable online retailers.

    I'm sure other members will come along to elaborate. Good luck!
  3. Thank you. I don't get to see all pictures due to Firewall here at work. (shhhhh!) but, when I get home, I'll be able to see better.

    Has anyone seen a nubuck one medium Muse II around? Black if it comes in black.
  4. OMG....this is my favorite one.....

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  5. I am awaiting delivery of a medium croc stamped nubuck in taupe. Finl sale from NM for $601:wlae:!

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  6. ^^^Beautiful. Thats a steal. Does anyone know the style of the grey/black one I posted above.
  7. One is through the seller "bondny" on him. He can't post it on Ebay because of some rules, however when i was going to purchase his besace, he also had a med muse II in the colour you want.
  8. ^^^Hi cjones. Is the black/grey muse listed on eBay? I'm confused...why can't he post the pics on eBay?
  9. ebays rule have been out of control lately and they only allow certain sellers to list multiple designer items..

    for the common person they can only list a designer item once every 30days if i am not mistaken, but please do not quote me on this.. HTH
  10. exactly right. I mean im not 100% sure in his case why he cant post all the handbags he has right now, but i believe because he is a new seller they only limit him to 10 items. He sent me detailed photos of the handbag and it is 100% authentic. If you pm me you email i can forward the photos on. It is brand new as well :smile: