Newbie Mulberry owner!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm new here, I got pointed in this direction by some ace girls I know on another forum, as I was hoping to buy an East-West Mulberry Bayswater :smile:

    Well, I took the plunge today and now I have a gorgeous one in Oak printed leather, which I bought from John Lewis on Oxford Street here in London. I love love love it! It's my first bag of this "calibre" though I have a collection of about 20 nice leather bags including Furla, Francesco Biasia, Circa London (anyone know if they are still making handbags?), larger Radleys (though I always remove the doggy tag before I go out with them, as I find it a bit tacky) and some lovely vintage finds.

    Before I bought the bag I hunted around online for photos of East-West Bayswaters so I could decide which colour to go for. I was surprised to find that ALL of the photos I have found online (mainly on eBay) which show the interior of the bag seem to show a suede lining with just the interior pocket made of Mulberry lining fabric, whereas my bag is fully lined. I'm guessing that these bags may be fakes, but does anyone know if there are any genuine East-West Bayswaters with a suede lining? I thought it might be good to point this out in case it's a good way for people to spot a definite fake.

    I have a feeling that this may be the first of a collection of Mulberrys as I love their designs and am sure I will be buying something in a pale shade for spring - does anyone know what colours they will be using in their spring/summer collection? I've seen the "Early SS08" bags on the website, and am hoping that they will be producing more bags in the pale rose pink shade.

    Also, I am kicking myself for not buying a Blenheim when they were in the shops - I didn't realise they were going to be discontinued. Does anyone know a reputable place that I might get one?

    Oops, sorry for writing an essay for my first post! Anyway, I am very pleased to be able to join you all :smile:

    Toni xx
  2. HI Goldfinch - congrats on your new bag. Please post pics as we'd love to see it. The outlets are the place to try for discontinued bags. Do a thread search and it'll bring up the info about where they are and the contact numbers.
  3. Thanks Sarajane :smile: Here are a couple of photos....



    (I thought it was a good idea to watermark these so they can't be used on dodgy eBay listings!)

    Can anyone tell me if it's possible to register the serial number of your bag? Thanks :smile:
  4. Welcome goldfinch! Oh, would love to see pic of your new E/W! :yes:
    I would love to get my hands on a Blenheim too - can't see why they discontinued it :sad:
  5. Oh, you are faster than lightning! :p
    What a gorgeous bag - I really like this style!
    (OT: Which program do you use for watermarking your pics? - I like that the mark is so subtle yet does the job...)
  6. Thanks Pigen! That's my E/W above, sitting in front of the curtains on my windowsill :smile: I'll try to get better pictures tomorrow when it's lighter though. I have a feeling I'll be photographing my entire bag collection as well!

    ETA I got my bf to the watermarking in Photoshop, he's good at things like that :p
  7. Yay, we want to see them all! :woohoo:
    Hmm, maybe I should get my to do my watermarking from now on -your pics look great! :tup:
  8. Congratulations on your beautiful bag and entering the lovely world of Mulberry. I recently purchased my first Mulberry a couple of months ago and am head over heals in love with my bag.
    As for your lining question....I get the impression that Mulberry is starting to line some of their bags - esp. those that are not Darwin leather. It may be at the behest of customers who preferred having a lined bag. So - I would not attribute an unlined bag to "fakes" since many current Mulberry's are unlined.
    Enjoy your beauty!
  9. hello- welcome to the madhouse!!! Nice bag- once you start with Mulberries they become addictive!!!
  10. Mulberry is eccentric re its linings. When I started collecting Mulberry (abt 15 yrs ago) their bags had fab tartan lining which I loved. Then the heavier bags (Darwin) started appearing without lining. Personally I prefer a lined bag but I have Phoebe and Alana which are both unlined and get along with them just fine. The messenger bags are unlined too.
    I noticed that Araline came in two different linings - the washed nappa had a lovely silky lining with the tree logo while the soft nappa ones have plain cream ribbed lining.
  11. Hello Goldfinch!!(gorgeous name btw,the bird is so pretty!!) Lovin your new bag!!! Congratulations!!! Bet you've not stopped being a Cheshire cat since you got it!!!!! As Jo says,this will be the first of may!! Welcome to the Mulberry Madhouse!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  12. Lovely bag goldfinch - very nice choice :woohoo:

    Your other bags sound great too - I also have a Francesco Biasia, which I luurve - the buttersoft leather is just divine!

    Re. the blenheim - I would say definatley worth checking the outlets. They also do mail order if you can't get to one in person. I was at Bicester a few weeks ago, and they had a whole shelf of Blenheims - I think they were around £247?
  13. Hi Goldfinch! Welcome and you have a lovely E/W Bayswater!

    ooohhh I wanted that printed leather too but since I already have an Oak Bayswater, Oak Martha, Oak Elgin, I thought an Oak E/W may be too much.

    I do have a black e/w bay and choco e/w bay but I do LOVE your oak printed leather! ugh I want them all !!!
    btw both my e/w are not lined. :sad: