Newbie Michigander here!

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  1. Hi All! :yahoo:

    Im a newbie! Of course, you already knew that already, ey. :shame: I have been lurking a couple of days, and already pretty addicted to your wonderful site here! :greengrin:

    My name is Heather, I live in Michigan, I'm a Mama to 4 little boys, and just received my VERY FIRST REAL HANDBAG, I say that because up until now, its been cheap bags from places like Khols, I did own a Kathy Van Zeeland, and she fell apart after a year of use. I do own 1 Dooney and Bourke tote, but she is pretty big and heavy and has never been good for everyday use......but for Xmas my hubby bought me a Large Signature Carly, in Khaki and Black :yahoo: I love her! He also bought me a bottle of Coach perfume, so needless to say, I have been bitten by the bug, and came acrossed your wonderful board here!:heart: After lurking a bit, I am taking the leap to introduce myself and hopefully join you :love: I already have a wish list going on a matching wallet, scarf for my new baby, and key fob charms Oh, my poor hubby!:roflmfao:
  2. Congratulations!! A Carly is definitely one of the best Coach bags to start out with ~ your hubby did right, haha!! Welcome to the site! :smile:
  3. Welcome, Heather!! Wow, you deserve big kudos for mothering 4 little boys! My sister has 2 little boys (11 months apart in age) and she's near death! *LOL*

    Your DH did very well with the Large Sig Carly (I do love the Khaki/Black combo) and the Coach perfume! I'm glad you're prepare to acquire more Coach now that you're officially a tpf'er! You'd better prepare your DH, too! *LOL*
  4. Congrats on your new bag! Your hubby is awesome!
  5. The Coach perfume is addiction in a bottle I tell ya! Spray it on you once and your hooked to spending all you have on bags! lol j/k..Welcome to our home...put your feet up and make yourself comfortable it's going to be a long life of posting constantly. Can't wait to see pics of your growing collection because believe me after reading the post on tPF your collection will be growing rapidly just like mine! Nice to meet you!
  6. The Carly is my favorite! Welcome in , you are going to :heart: it here!
  7. hey! i'm pretty new myself. welcome!
  8. Welcome Heather, i'm also new to this site!!! I've been a Coach fan for about 3 years now. Once you go Coach you never go Foach!!! Welcome to the Coach World. Doesn't the perfume smell great? I love it!!! my husband got me a big bottle for X-mas.
  9. Welcome to tPF Heather. It will nice to get to know you and help feed your addiction! Your hubby did well. My hubby has been very supportive of my Coach habit and loves to buy me treasures when we travel (we don't have Coach where I live). I know he's happy I'm making tPF friends so I don't babble about Coach to him all the time!
  10. Hi, Heather! Welcome to tPF from one Michigander to another! ;) There are quite a few members from Michigan! Congrats on your Carly!!
  11. Carly is my favorite bag at the moment:love:
  12. Welcome!! One of my best friends is from Michigan - St. Clair Shores!! ^_^
  13. Welcome and congrats on your purchases! I'm a Michigander as well!
  14. oooooooooooo! :yahoo: THANK YOU for such a warm welcome! You gals are FABULOUS!

    hahaha yes boys are a handful, they keep you on your toes, for sure. Mine are 11, 10, 8 and 4. :love:

    I had been dreaming of a Coach now secretly for 2 years or so! All I asked for, for Christmas, was a NICE bag. I had a Sak bag ($179) picked out, and my hubby tells me he went and bought it, then returned it after we happened to go into a Coach store and I lit up like a Xmas tree! hahahaha I browsed and fell in love with the Carly and put her down quickly after seeing her price tag. Well, he went back and bought her for me. I must say, just seeing her big beautiful brown box all wrapped up ina pretty pink bow made my heart race!:nuts:

    here are a couple of pics I have, my youngest, Erik (4) bringin me my "box", and the 2nd of my new baby!:yahoo:
    Picture 188 copysmall.jpg

    Picture 228small.jpg

    oooooooo Maya, your BF is my neighbor, I'm in North Warren, right on the border of Sterling Heights :tup:

    Thanks again for such a warm welcome!!!!! I have a feeling my hubbys wallet is going to hurt a lot more, now that I have joined you guys here. :yes:
  15. Hello Heather from Michigan...... Welcome!!!

    I am a fellow michigander @ heart!!!!!