Newbie making her first RM purchase soon! Need advice please! =)


Feb 27, 2008
Okay, so I'm finally buying my first "grown up" bag for grad school. No more PVC for me! :yahoo:

I'm looking at a TPFer's listing for the Nikki in the picture. It says that the color is "Natural", but I'm thinking it might be from a sample sale and doesn't have an official color. It has the blue/white striped lining. I LOVE the color, it seems so classic and chic! I'll be a grad student, but I won't be using this as my school bag- I have a tote for my laptop and books.

Does anyone have a lightly or similarly-colored Nikki? Will it get dirty quickly? I mean, I'm planning on buying an interior organizer and one of those table-hangers for restaurants and such. I wear darker colors a lot, and I feel like the color of the bag will pop against most of my outfits.

Should I go for a more saddle/chestnut color? Does RM even make a color like that in the Nikki? I checked the RM color thread but there are just so many posts I only made it through 30 pages or so.

Thanks so much, everyone!! I'd really appreciate any input!


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Aug 17, 2009
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Heyy! Congratulations on deciding to go RM- I know when your first jumping into it you're thinking "This better be a nice bag for the $$ I'm spending," and it is! I promise. I've fallen in love with her collections.

Unfortunately I'm not exactly sure about the "natural" color. It COULD be a SS, but I know she has made lighter colors. I think cream is one of them that could maybe fit your description, but don't quote me.

I wanted to posted here and at least say welcome and bump you up on the forum, because there are a ton of girls here who would know better than I would. Pick their brains! :smile:


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Dec 21, 2005
welcome! i am a newbie myself but from what i've read on this subforum, the "natural" color is probably from last year's gilt sample sale similar to the "tan" color from this year's gilt sample sale. i think some girls said that this leather is not as soft as some of RM's other beige/brown leathers. i have an almond nikki and i LOVE this leather, it's soft and smooshy. other similarly colored leathers that are well-received are latte, hazelnut and cappuccino. those may be harder to find though. hope that helps, good luck!