newbie--- LVR?

  1. hey guys :smile:

    i am completely new to designer purses in general (minus coach)... i'm looking at starting my collection with a paddington (or possibly an mj).

    i'm trying to get the best deal on a brand new one and i was reading the forum and it seems as though luisaviaroma is the best place to purchase one?

    i also read on one of the other threads that ordering from north america, they automatically deduct a tax or something? do you know approximately how much that lowers the cost of a bag (X%)?

    also, do you know if customs/duties are charged when entering canada? or the u.s?

    thanks so much!
  2. For export outside the EU, take the prices shown on the LVR website and divide by 1.2. They specify this quite clearly in their FAQs, so do have a browse through.

    LVR ships using FedEx, so there is *no* chance of getting away from customs duties and sales taxes. How much you pay depends on your location. In my country, I only pay about 5-6%, while I know that for the US, it is around 10%. Canada has so many taxes it is hard to figure out.
  3. here in australia, if its over AU$1000, we pay 5% customs duties plus 10%GST of the total. so total of over 16%, way too much! but still cheaper buying from LVR than buying locally even after the taxes. hope this helps!
  4. So if you order from LVR they (should) deduct the VAT $$ for US orders.
    But then FedEx will charge you customs & duties of about 10%, so it evens out. That is in addition to the LVR charged s/h fees too.

    Good luck!
  5. FYI
    For Canadian customers,Canada Customs charges 11% (10.50% to be exact) duties for leather handbags through the courier companies, plus GST and PST and processing fee.

    Anyway, just make sure they charge you the right percentage for duties.....I was charged 18% by DHL one time, when i called DHL i was told..oh. the duties should be 13% but its too late to make adjustment, so i should just pay them first and apply for refund from CDN customs. So I called Cdn customs agency and they confirmed that duties should be 11% not 13%. I was glad I called and got the right amount of refund back 2 months later.

    Damn DHL....
  6. I just got a call from FedEx today asking some information on the material of the bag I was expecting from (my early birthday gift from DH!). I had previously filled-up the Importer's Information Sheet from FedEx for a prior purchase from Europe and so I was not required to fax or submit any further paperwork for this package. I asked if anything else was required of me like customs charges and she said she didn't think there was anything else necessary and that the bag would be delivered tomorrow (my husband bought it from the website on Monday. talk about fast shipping!).

    Has this happened to anybody else? For some reason I have a feeling I will be getting a bill on this package a week or so from delivery. The bag cost 450Euros.
  7. Oh my god! I just checked my cell messages and I had a call from Fed-Ex about my custom charges for a bag from LVR that was delivered last week. She left a message and told me I owed 139.00!! What? The price was 980 (after deducting VAT) plus 50 shipping. I was expecting about 10%. Looks more closer to 15%. I was anticipating a bill of around $100.
    Does US customs tax on VAT? weird.
    Fed Ex said I had to call them back within 24 hours or they would bill me for the 138.00. ugh.:wtf:
  8. mlredo, did you get a call prior to delivery? It was a good thing I was home when they called and all they asked me were 1) What material is the bag made of? Leather, of course and 2) Is this bag for your personal use? Yes.
    Now I'm wondering if they call before they even get the bag in the country and only calculate the tax after they see the declared amount. I guess I should ready my wallet for that extra charge.
  9. Yes, they called the day before delivery and just asked my for my social and then asked if I had imported anything in the last 6 months. They initial call was from Fed-Ex with a MO number. Todays call was from Memphis (Fed-EX corporate). Irritating.:cursing: