Newbie Looking for Stam Hobo

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  1. I am a newbie to the Marc Jacobs
    I would love to have a Sam Hobo.

    Could you all help me?
    I need to know the colors avaiable and the price range.
    Also should he hardware be brass or gold?

    Would love to see photos of your Hobos and
    photos of the bags in action.
  2. Would love bag in a bright color
  3. there are currently two stam hobos on i know you are looking for one in a brighter color, but i only remember the stam hobos in black, chestnut, cashew, and mouse. i'm not sure that they ever came in other colors aside from maybe white/cream. you might have to ask thithi about that or do a search on the boards.

    just in case, here are the links to the black and chestnut hobos:

  4. Wow thanks, if any of you have photos of your bags I would love to see them.
  5. i don't own the stam hobo myself. i just have the regular old quilted stam. :smile:

    however, i was able to find a picture of another member who does have this style bag. i hope she doesn't mind me posting it again here. the color is cashew and it's very pretty.


    photo courtesy of prada psycho
  6. Although I don't have one I was able to find this picture posted by Pablohoney of her mouse Stam Hobo: