Newbie looking for purchase advice from Paris!

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am new to the forum (although have been lurking in wonder for a few weeks!), so first of all, hello! You all seem lovely, and hopefully I will while away many an hour here when I should be working...

    And now, I was hoping for some advice from you! I am the delighted owner of a Jumbo caviar flap bag in black with silver hardware which I have worn to death over the past year or so. I am now making plans for my next purchase :yahoo: I wish I could be buying a new Chanel every month, but alas, I have other things I need to pay for before Chanel makes it to the top of my list :shame: Because of this, I tend to be attracted to very classic styles that I know won't look really "last season" in 12 months time. So I have a weekend trip to Paris in a few weeks, and have set myself a budget of around £1000 to spend in Chanel, however given the price hikes I know I'm going to struggle to fulfill my urges! I have loved the Jumbo (I'm 5'11, so it just looks like a normal sized bag!), and have found the caviar to be really hard wearing (I've thrown it around and it still looks pretty much new!). So I'm considering getting another jumbo, perhaps in white which would be relegated to my closet except for very special occasions. Or else, perhaps an East/West in black lambskin for nights out, plus a wallet. Or something in coral...I love coral! Or maybe a soft and chain for a more casual bag that I'd use everyday. So confused!!!

    I guess what I would love to hear is if anyone has any recommendations about how much bang for my buck I could get for £1000 in Paris, and if you've seen anything particularly gorgeous (I'd love a really pretty colour or something), in a classic style that you would recommend?

    Sorry for the long's only my 2nd so I'm a little overexcited! :heart:
  2. Hi welcome to the Chanel subforum on tPF. Personally, since this is your second Chanel, I'd get another bag you could use for everyday. The east/west for going out is a good idea but you wouldn't get enough use out of it. I might go for another jumbo in a different color, or maybe look at the reissues - not sure you could get one for 1,000 pounds however.
  3. Thanks for the advice Smoothoprter! And that's exactly the sort of thing I need to concern with the East/West was that it would be impractical for frequent use. How about the Soft and Chain...Does anyone think this could work well as an everyday bag? I love the Jumbo flap because I've found I can dress it up or down, so I was thinking the S & C wouldn't be as versatile?