Newbie looking for advice

  1. Hello, this is my first post

    I own two beautiful Mulberry bags already, a black congo evening bag and a khaki utah. On Thursday I am off to Bicester with the intention of perhaps purchasing another bag. I covet the Bayswater but I get the impression I won't find the black in the outlet stores and I'm banned from getting anymore brown bags! Any ideas on what I am likely to find there? I tried ringing earlier but they have been engaged most of the day. This is a major purchase for me, something to cheer me up after an eventful few months, if you have any other ideas of a bag I might like then please feel free to offer advice.

  2. When I was there a few weeks ago they had a few phoebes and a whole table of bayswaters in varying colours but no plain black or brown ones ! For a more colourful option they had some aralines. There's loads of choice so hope you find the bag that'll put a smile on your face!
  3. I think it's probably best to just go to Bicester without having any expectations of what you'd like to find, that way you won't be disappointed. I phoned them on Friday to find out what was going into the sale and, at that point, they had Alanas, Emmies, Jonis and Rosemarys, all at half price. They had some of these in black so you might get lucky.

    I agree with Jo that you'll be able to find a Bayswater but probably not in black. However, some of the colours are yummy - I got a bronze one a few months ago that I just :heart: but I know it's not to everyone's taste.

    They may have a couple of Mabels and other bags from their current range - it's just a bit of luck as to what will be in stock when you're there.

    I'm going in a couple of weeks and am hoping that the stock will refresh before I'm there as they don't really have anything that I'm after at the moment :rolleyes:

    Let us know how you get on, though ;)