Newbie Looking for a jet black Balenciaga

  1. I am not too familiar with all the Balenciaga styles although I did see a modeling pic I like and by it's description is called the City. Does the City come in different sizes?

    How about the one in this pic? I like how it looks on her but I prefer silver hardware. Can anyone tell me what this style is called? And how much?

    And if owners of jet black balenciaga bags could post your pics, please do!

    Thank you!

  2. The city is a size of bbag a medium sized bag. It does come in GSH (giant silver hardware) and a variety of colours including black. You can buy this type of bag at BalenciagaNY. I think the price is $1195
  3. The City only comes in one size but does come in giant hardware (pictured) or regular hardware. The giant hardware sells for $1595, the regular for $1195. :tup:
  4. hi there! are the atypical i know from another forum? ;) (i'm Glossie from cc)

    some pictures may not do the bags justice. there has been cases of black bbags fading to greenish hues but i believe most owners would tell you their black bags are as jet black as crows. check out the reference library sub-forum for more pictures.
  5. hey glossie, old aquaintance. how are you?

    I am not too in love in the regular crackle effect so when i saw the jet black, i thought it's pretty gorge and really worth looking into. Or is there such as thing as a non crackly bbag leather? I love them smooth and shiny. And in that pic it looks smooth to me.

    Thanks all for the information. I feel so ignorant. :smile:

    I am not in the US so which sites are reputable for selling bbags?
  6. Like this beauty. I have borrowed member Slinks pic to illustrate what I like. Slinks, if you mind having your pic here lmk, I will take it down.

  7. hi! i'm fine, thanks for asking. hope you're fine and well, too :biggrin:

    that looks like an oldie, and i'm not too familiar with them oldies since i'm new to this too. it looks pebbled; i think they had pebbled leather only for one year.. could be 02.. i really have to scour the threads to find out. found this:

    yes that giant city does look supa smooth. giant hardware is a new thing; there're some threads about the slight different leather used for giant hardware bags. for regular hardware, 05 should be a good year for smoth and thick leathers. you can check out the auctions sites and hope that they're not priced too much above retail ;)

    check out the shopping sub-forum for the list of stores you can order bbags online. i've personally bought from and
  8. Hey Glossie that pic you posted looks super pebbled! I prefer something much smoother.

    I like the new bbag with the giant hardware. Can I safely assume that the giants have smoother leather compared with the regular hardware ones?
  9. this is a lot more difficult that I envisoned. so much trouble for a bag? maybe I should just forget it and hit the Miu Miu sale!

    Thanks Glossie, you've been so helpful!
  10. This isn't pebbled like the one above which is my pebbled flat brass. I beleive pebbled leather was only done in flat brass hardware. The bag in this picture looks to me like it just has yummy leather, smooth, not very distressed.
  11. :shame: yea i did realise they'r different. and i missed the flat hw bit *hide* thanks for the education, powderpuff100 :smile:

    good luck, atypical! :flowers:
  12. yes that is one yummy looking leather. the search continues!