NEwbie looking for a Balenciaga

  1. When I read through all your posts I see that many of you have ordered b bags online what websites do you use? I know about AR but are there others. My only store in town that sells them is Barney's New York and I never manage to get one!
  2. You cannot get an authentic bbag through any website..AR just emails you their current stock and you can order that way but you can't technically place an order online. Ann's Fabulous Finds is another way to But there are no authorized bbag websites.
  3. Thanks Sag. I had AR email me but they only had two bags? I thought that was weird. I best go befreind someone at Barney's though I would like an older bag as opposed to a new bag!
  4. No way they had only 2!!!

    They usually attach images of a few bags that are new and not on the list yet. Otherwise their is an attached PDF file that shows a huge list of them.
  5. I oredered from LVR (LUISA VIA ROMA) in the past nice packaging but really slow to reply to mails. you need to ask them to send you an updated catalogue first.
  6. Liz-

    Maybe I should email AR again and ask for the full file.