Newbie: leather question

  1. I've fallen in love with Balenciaga Day and must to get one!
    It is going to be my first BBag; I'am getting it for fall/winter use, therefore colour should be black/grey/bourdeaux/etc. OK, maybe red or green.
    After reading the forum I realized there is a difference in leather quality for different years/colors.
    What would be your recommendations, which colours/years should I avoid and which have the better leather?
    Thank you very much in advance!
  2. That's a very personal preference and you won't find overall agreement, although generally speaking '05 and earlier have very different leather from more recent years. Also, tanning will affect the leather in different ways so while some colours seem to dry out the leather, others make it absolutely amazingly soft. '05 and earlier Black bags seem to have consistently soft and lovely leather...otherwise, it even varies from bag to bag! The best thing is to narrow down to a colour and style first...:smile:
  3. The Day bag is an excellent choice. I have one in Emerald (06). 05 leathers tend to be "smooshy" (thick and soft). My 06 is plenty smooshy, though.

    If you're buying one of the regular colors (black, white, brown), I don't think year matters as much - although 07 Black is more of a soft charcoal gray, IMO, when I've seen it. It's got a lovely marbled texture with a lot of gray undertones, let's put it that way.

    Do you live near any Balenciaga outlets? Best thing to do is go try one on, then maybe order from where ever has the color you want - but see the leather in person, first. If you're a brown type person, the Cafe 07 bags are amazing.
  4. OMG I had no idea Balenciaga outlets exist! I need to find one near me, urgently :smile:
    Please more questions - when you buy the bag in a regular color, how do you know what year is it? and where to find BBags from the previous years, becides eBay and consignment stores?
    Thanks a lot!
  5. ^There's only one Balenciaga "outlet" per se and it's in Florence, as far as I know. I think she meant places where Balenciaga is sold such as Sak's, Neiman's, etc.
    If you look at you will see how to tell the year and season from the tag inside. With the Day you'll have to go by the card that comes with the bag. Sometimes you can find older stock from '05 or '06 at department stores and other stores in the Stores Carrying Balenciaga thread...
  6. I've found the 07 leathers to be SUPERB! Now, I'm a newbie with Bbags, so I mightn't be the best judge of this, but I have four 07 items (Aqua Coin, Cafe Besace Messenger, Rouge Verm Money, and Sandstone Twiggy) and I am just OVER THE MOON with the quality of the leather on these.

    Mind you, I'm quite happy with my 06 Bbags, as well. I have a nice and shmooshy Emerald Day (just like Melisande, hey ED sister!), and the leathers on my Ink Shrug, Truffle Day, Sapin Twiggy and Camel Coin are just as nice.

    It all boils down to preference. To our more-seasoned BalGals, 05 leathers were the best ever made. Shop around and decide for yourself. Hope you find a retailer close to you...
  7. although i must agree that spring 05 and older bags ARE more consistent with the leather quality/texture, it still varies a LOT by each bag. even within the same style/color, the leather varies so much. i have an ink work which is from spring 06, supposedly the "worst season" as far as leather goes, but it has thicker and softer leather than some of my 04-05 bags... so it all depends. having said that, i do think fall 06 and spring 07 leathers in general do have better leather than the spring 06. i've also noticed that certain colors are more consistent, too, as far as texture and thickness. for example, most greige and rouge vif i've seen have had really gorgeous, thick, non-crunchy leather. also, you're in luck, because i swear every day bag i've seen had better leather than a city in the same color. and of course, in the end, it's a matter of personal preference. but even if you end up with dry looking, stiff leather, it always fluffs up and softens with use. that's the beauty of balenciagas! they only get better with age!

    congrats on getting your first b-bag! hope you find a color/style/leather that you LOOOOVE! :smile:
  8. o7 definitely varies. My Vert D'eau is silky and smooshy, but I recently sent back a Truffe that was dry and plastic-y.
  9. Thanks for clarification! Yes, I have a retailer near me, I'm just minutes away from Tysons Corner in VA.
    Now, there is another thing. Whould you recomment to the bag in person at NM to see it IRL first or get it from BalNY and save on tax? Is Balenciaga ever included to F&F and EGC events?