Newbie: Leather Bleeckers at Outlet???

  1. Hi all,

    I'm new to the world of coach handbags and really like the Bleecker Leather Large Flap and the Bleecker Leather Large Duffle. I need some advice, does anyone know if these are available at the outlets? If so, what is the going price? Any help would much be appreciated.

  2. There were a few at my outlet in New York last week and the large flap
    and large duffle are $239.99 plus tax.
  3. I know my outlet had bleeker small hobo flaps because I bought one, but I didn't look for the larger size...
  4. Okay, I guess I can't be too mad that my Bleeker flap is at the outlets now, since I'm nowhere near one and am on a buying ban, but it still hurts a little! I love my bag, though. :smile:
  5. I was just at my outlet today, and they have many of the small Bleecker flaps and one small duffle remaining. The tiny flaps are about $70-80, I believe because they are 40% off the clearance. The small duffle they had in british tan was $300 and add'l 20% off, but other colors like rust were in the past much lower priced...between $180-200. I have not yet seen the large flaps or duffles, but the outlet I go to most of the time has a very poor selection in general. My advice is to call ahead, check stock, and then have them hold it for you. It varies a bit from outlet to outlet, but mine will hold for up to 48 hours, and if you can't make it within that time frame, just give them a call back, and they will set up another 48-hr hold for you. The problem is that sometimes they forget to actually hold it for you, so just make sure they really do it before you hang up! Good luck! I'm up to 4 large duffles and the patchwork duffle, and I LOVE them all! :tup:
  6. My outlet had a couple duffles and one large flap left last week. I usually just call first if there is a particular bag I am in search of and they hold it 48 hours.
  7. As of today, my outlet (Aurora, IL) had a coal black large Bleecker flap and a bunch of the small Bleecker flaps in various colors. They also had a large selection of Bleecker wallets and Bleecker wristlets.

    Outlets will do a charge send if your local outlet doesn't have them.
  8. :nuts: dang this crappy ban and living so far away from any outlet can't even do a charge send...grumble grumble grumble :cursing::upsidedown:
  9. Thank you everyone for all your help. I really appreciate it. I'll call some outlets and check if they have them.

  10. I saw some Bleecker Large Flaps and a few Bleecker Large Duffles in leather at the Coach at North Georgia Premium Outlets, for about $239. I believe stores will ship, so you may want to call that one. I saw green and ink for sure, and maybe wine.
  11. My outlet had large Bleecker flaps about two weeks ago, but have virtually none left now (at least not ones that aren't damaged). They only received bottle green, wine, ink and rust, though and not black. The smaller flaps they had more of, although I didn't check the colors or price.
  12. My outlet had 1 large bleeker flap in INK, 2 in white/tan, and 3 bleeker duffles (green, wine, tan).

    It definitely does hurt to see my bleekers at the outlet but that's what I get for not being patient enough.:tdown:
  13. I bought a khaki/coal large Bleecker flap on the last PCE and I don't regret it for a minute! I didn't see sig at outlet and I absolutely adore the bag so much that I wouldn't regret having paid full price! I wouldn't have purchased the rust without it being at outlet, but I don't regret the one I paid more for!