Newbie Kooba Question

  1. Hi Ladies! This is my first post, so....(deep breath). I bought a Kooba off eBay from seller id bluebarbie, and got a really great deal. I just want to make sure the deal isn't TOO great to be true.

    Everything's in order - Dustbag looks good, with glue-sealed cord ends, Kooba zipper pull is thicker on one end, and only imprinted on one side, zippers are YKK, magnetic snap has serial number, stitching is tight, leather smells great, however....

    The ONLY concern is the plastic (NOT brown string) attachement to the Kooba folded tag. Does Kooba EVER use plastic to attach their tags? I've gone round robin about this in my mind, and I'm starting to panic.

    Here's the item id: 110102966596

    I sell authentic designer handbags myself (id ruemode - store, "Rue de la Mode,") but my brands are all the Italians - Chloe, Prada, Fendi, Valentino...I KNOW how to authenticate them, but Kooba is a relatively new brand to me. I've seen them in person, and done my homework, but this issue about the plastic cord is killing me!

    Thoughts? Did I get scammed? Or did I get a great deal? Thanks you guys! I LOVE it here!!