Newbie, just wanted to say "hi"

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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm new, my name is Brenda and I'm a bagaholic! LOL

    Love this site. Just bought my first paddie, black, from the sophisticated spirit website, so I'll let you all know how it goes. Should get it on Wed!

    I love Dior, Andrea Brueckner, LV, Santi (serious fetish, have five), Fendi, Coach, Melie Bianco, Prada...and on and on...

  2. Hi Greenie! Welcome to the forum.


    Meg's dog Nitro *luves* greenies to death!
  3. Welcome to the forum! :biggrin: Which black paddy did you get? The new black or the previous?
  4. Welcome! And congrats on the new paddie!
  5. Hello and welcome! :biggrin:
  6. Hi New,
    I would be new too and have also purchased from I loved being able to talk to Lynda. I just hope we receive the real deal I should get mine tomorrow.
  7. Hi Greenie, Glad you found this forum - you are clearly one of us.!! l
  8. Welcome...:P
  9. Hi there, hope you see that this place will be like your home! It sure has for me:P
  10. a fellow Atlantan! welcome! i'm originally from Marietta.
  11. Hi back everyone....I feel like the little bee girl in that Blind Melon video...I finally found my peeps!

    To answer questions...Noriko, I guess I'm getting the previous. Is there a big difference?

    Amanda, Marietta, cool...I'm in Cumming. Are you @ UGA in Athens?
  12. i certainly am - go dawgs!
  13. Hi Greenie!
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