Newbie- just ordered the Carla, want Ginger?

  1. hey all!
    glad I found this forum! Great site - I could read for hours and have been and learning a lot about Kooba! I have never had a KOOBA but love them and my husband said I could have one for our anniversary tomorrow. I really wanted the Ginger but I can't find any in the price range (he said he'd pay about $350-375 so no he won't pay full price- LOL!) and I could not find any Ginger's in that range, so I found the Carla at Bluefly yesterday and it looks so similar, and ordered it but now in looking into it it seems huge? I don't have it yet, but feel maybe I made a mistake? The measurements are not that off but I saw the photos you guys listed below and I am small - 5'2" and don't want this humongous bag. I also just want a purse for weekends if I am at the mall our out to dinner (I have a 19 mo old so carry a diaper bag all day and no purse). I wonder if I should send it back and try to find a Ginger in my price range, which would be eBay which as you know has a TON of fakes so am concerned I would not get a real one. Also am contemplating getting the Ginger in maybe the brown color (Chestnut), not the black (I ordered the Carla in black) Someone said the leather is not the same as in the black, but more pebbled?- anyone know? Lots of questions - sorry! thanks so much!
    If I saw one on eBay in my price range that was real with a BIN I'd take it if you guys think that would be a better bag. I wear a lot of black but I also like brown - just want something verstatile.
    lauren in colorado
  2. Hi, I have a Ginger in chestnut, the leather is lovely and smooth. I would say the Ginger may be better if you're petite (I'm around 5'2" as well), it fits really nicely on the shoulder for me. The Carla is nice too, but its more of a oversized bag on me.
  3. The Carla would seem a little too large on you unless you want to use it as your purse/diaper bag. It would do well with that. Bluefly's bag will have a plastic bracelet on it that if you cut it off you can't return the bag so leave the bracelet intact until you are sure you want it.
    If you find bags on eBay you are interested in, post them on the Authenticate This thread on top of the page and we'll all try to help.
  4. thanks girls! I am exhausted- was reading the Kooba posts until after midnight - LOL! Anyway, I do think I will return the Carla - in the pix on the Kooba website they don't look much different in size but I don't need another diaper bag as I have three - I just want a purse. I am going to try to find the Kooba in Ginger in either Black or Chestnut. I like that Chestnut is maybe good for summer too but I don't even own a black purse believe it or not. My friend has it in black and hate to get the same one.

    also, thanks about the tag from Bluefly. I will keep it on.

    Anyway, thanks again - I may post on the authenticity board too if I find one on ebay - and I"ve been looking!
    Lauren :tup:
  5. forgot- Joslla - is the leather on the Chestnut Ginger pebbled? Does it look as good as the Black Ginger ? I know some bags look better in different colors. Thanks again!
  6. Nope, the Chestnut Ginger is not pebbled, its smooth :tup:
  7. ok, cause there is one on ebay now but it looks pebbled in one pix - is that the one YOU have? I think it's gorgeous. Does your brown bag match pretty much everything? I have no black purses (I know, I am pathetic!) so would love a black one and could wait but I do love the brown a lot too. Since this is my first Kooba purchase I want to do the right thing.
  8. Just a heads up. The 2 Ginger's up on ebay by Clothesheaven are fake. See how smooth and plastic-y they look.
  9. thanks- I thought they were - the brown one is not though - she's a reputable seller (kind of expensive though) but is that a good price for a Chestnut Ginger? Am debating getting it
  10. The Chestnut Ginger really shouldn't be pebbled, if it looks pebbled in the pics then something may be wrong...
  11. I don't know if it is - it's on ebay - it's the only Chestnut one. She's a very reputable seller so I know it's real. Maybe it's not pebbled?
  12. Maybe you could try asking the seller to confirm its smooth and not pebbled? Could also just be that the quality of the seller's pics are not that good. Good luck, I hope you're successful in your Ginger hunt!
  13. Nunnla0 is reputable. That Ginger is not what we really would consider pebbled. It's just a very close up pic of the leather that makes it look like that. That same leather with a little more uniform larger pebbling is a sign of a fake, especially in say a Sienna bag. Each Kooba bag's leather differ from style to style and even season to season on some bags. But this Chesnut bag is good.
  14. hey nightbird welcome! :smile: i am usually here in kooba with my ladies a lot as well but ive been MIA

    i realize you cant private msg since you are new, shoot me an email
    something i wanted to mention about the ginger but cant put out on the forum :smile: thanks! Bessie
  15. hey all- Ok my Carla from Bluefly came - it's way too big (but gorgeous!) - I am glad I got the Ginger on ebay the other day so will send this one back. Wanted to share and thanks for the help!