Newbie jumping straight in!

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  1. Hi hi, I've been lurking ard this forum for some time now and spending hours and hours gathering info on bbags. And after two weekends of doing my research, I've bought myself 3 bbags! :P I can't hide my excitement anymore and have decided to jump straight into this forum and introduce my new loves to the only people who understand my obsession!! HIYA ALL!!

    I think I've been bitten really hard by the Bal bug - can't think of much else except my next bal (right now lusting after a Siegle RGGH City). Pls tell me it's normal and I don't need medication...

    Anyway, here are my babes: an anthra RH velo; a canard GCH day and a BDR RH Parttime! :yahoo:

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  2. Congrats on all your purchases! I love your Anthra Velo :biggrin: Welcome to the addiction ;)
  3. congrats!!! :biggrin: SO PRETTY!
  4. very beautiful!!
  5. Wow what a big splash you have made. The bal bug hits hard doesn't it and you have a beautifully varied, super versatile collection already - congratulations.
  6. Welcome to the TPF and to the addiction... I'm afraid, but these ^ are signals of Bal-sickness! The same for me too, and for every Bal obsessed here if TPF! No medicines, only self-control :lol::P

    BTW... You start a great collection! Congrats on them all! I especially love you anthra velo!

    Enjoy them
  7. This is a perfect combination of colors/styles that will suit any outfit - congratulations!! LOVE them all!! :ps:
  8. What a way to start this addiction.. ahem, love for bbags! :P Congrats on all your new purchases!
  9. What a fab collection of styles - perfect IMHO: a cross-body bag (Velo), classic top handle (PT) and shoulder (Day). Good call! I don't think they'll be your last Bals... :graucho:

    My fave is your BDR PT - love the colour (although seeing it makes me a little sad as I just sold my BDR GSH PT and am having awful seller's remorse... don't let this baby go!!). Congrats on all the purchases :drinkup:
  10. Nice!! I especially love your BDR part time - stunning!
  11. Congrats and welcome! You've been bitten by the Bal bug and it will last for a long time! I am always thinking of the next bag... hehehe

    I love the leather on your canard.. I may have to look into canard now...
  12. Really beautiful first-time purchases: it is like looking at the perfect Bal Capsule Range!
  13. Three great choices for start. Congrats.
  14. Wow! I envy you! Congrats on your BEAUTIFUL bags!
  15. Congratulations! All are beautiful! Welcome to the addiction!