Newbie Joins The Mulberry Ranks!!

  1. Hi Everyone!

    Yet another new Mulberry fan joins the Club. I own the Somerset tote & a Bayswater in chocolate / oak.

    Has anyone seen the Agyness yet? What do you all think?

    Looking forward to having Mulberry chats.

  2. Hello!Have'nt seen it yet,but from what Jackie has said its very nice but quite pricey, but all the Mullberry prices seem to be going up shame.I think that if they start hiking their prices up that much they could perhaps think about some sort of approriate lining,after all if you buy a bag in that price range it usually is lined...............................a mere detail I know,but these little things help.
  3. Welcome to the site!!! Nice choice of bags by the way!
  4. Yes! great bags! looking forward to sharing your veiws and chats on here!xx