Newbie is freaking after purchase- did you?

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  1. Wow- I just clicked the BIN and bought my first Balenciaga, which is my first MAJOR bag purchase (
    I'm excited, but it normal to be SOOO freaked out?! I'm thinking...did I get the right color/style, am I positive it's authentic, can I rationalize spending that much, blah, blah...did anyone here have a similar reaction when you took the plunge???:sweatdrop:
  2. Oh definitely! It happens to me all the time sweetie! Anyway this bag is a beauty! I love it when the leather is thick and smoooooooshy! It looks real yummy! Congratulations!
  3. You will love it. It looks beautiful.

    what this part is concerned: "can I rationalize spending that much, blah, blah..."

    It's not worth trying, my only question would be: "which one should I get next?"
  4. Trust me - the freak out mode only lasts until you RECEIVE it...the love is instant I tell you...INSTANT! :heart:
    I think I spent about a week rationalizing my spending, and my finall conclusion was "IF YOU LOVE IT, WHY NOT!??" :rolleyes: Life is too short to be without a bbag!! hehehehe!!
    Congrats on your purchase and post pix when you get it!! :nuts:
  5. You did great ... from a good seller, in great condition, and a bag that could be resold quite easily if you change your mind!!! Good job - especially for a newbie! :yes:
  6. This is, in my opinion, the richest, most versatile bbag color EVER made. I almost got a bordeaux work in 05 and decided to go with a black city instead - now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE my black city - but sometimes I wish I'd gone with the bordeaux because it was just so enchanting. GREAT choice - the BEST choice imo - suchhhh a beautiful, deep color. So much nicer in person than it is in those photos.
  7. I understand your "freaking out" but think you made a great decision. I bought an authentic bag from this seller recently and the bag is a beautiful color with gorgeous leather (I had it on my watch list). And if you take great pictures you would have no problem selling it if you change your mind.

    Let us know when you receive the bag!
  8. Oh yeah, you pounder, think... if it was worth it... keep asking myself questions, and as some of the girls said oncey ou receive it... you just push all those questions away!!!...
  9. Here's the bad news: Once you've done it the first time, you'll want to do it again and again.
  10. ^^ Yeah that! LOL!
  11. Oh you got a nice the leather on that baby!:yes:

  12. Ain't that the truth:jammin:
  13. that's how i reacted when i first bought my mini twiggy b-bag on ebay.
    i was soooo freaked out about the money i spent but also excited.
    you'll love the bag! :yahoo:
  14. I can't get over how amazing and supportive you all are! :love: I feel SO much better after reading your comments (but I guess not as great as I'm going to feel when I get my bag- haha). I will definitely post pics...thank you so much, ladies- TPF is the best!!!
  15. awe, don't worry betny, it's normal to freak out a little the 1st time around :graucho:...but once you do it once, you're gonna wanna do it again & again (yikes, that sounds dirty, doesn't it?!?! :P)