Newbie Introduction and showcase

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  1. Hello All!

    I'm a newbie from Los Angeles. I found this board and checked it out once and then I totally forgot about it. I just happen to come across it in my favorites tonight. I found this particular thread and thought I'd join in with others who understand the obsession with designer bags. I have finally gotten the guts to post my small collection. I've pretty much been hooked on Coach, but every now and then I'll dabble in other brands. I've been slacking lately since I'm putting myself through grad school. Sometimes selling these things on Ebay really help with my tuition you know!?:graucho:

    I'm learning from you gals that I really need to try to purchase timeless items. Hopefully in 2007 I'll be able to add new things to my collection.

    Also while looking please know that the sandals I have posted have really dark shadows on the inside. I swear none of my open toes shoes are as dirty as they look in these pictures. :s I tried to retake them, but I guess that's just how they photograph.

  2. Very nice :smile: Welcome!
  3. O:huh:OOoo:huh:, I LOVE all of your Coach shoes. And I see from one of the shoe boxes that we wear the same shoe size, so ya know, if ya ever want to get rid of ANY of those shoes. hehe.

    Very nice!!
  4. Welcome to TPF! I love your collection esp. the shoes. The patchwork items are also gorgeous.
  5. Hi there and WELCOME!! I LOVE your collection, and particularly love all the fab Coach shoes you have to match. The ones in the third pic and the wedges in the last pic really stood out.
  6. Cute collection. I love all of your Coach shoes. I also have the pink sandals in your 7th picture. Welcome to tPF!!
  7. I love how you have shoes to match your bags! Great collection...thanks for sharing!
  8. Very cute and colorful collection. Welcome to the forum.
  9. Welcome to tPF! Nice collection!
  10. i love your heels in the third pic...they are smokin' stylish! lol!
  11. Nice colors!!!
  12. nice collection.. welcome to the forum..
  13. lovely
  14. Love the shoes! Welcome!
  15. I love your coach collection! Thanks for sharing!