newbie in everything HALP!!!!!


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Jan 31, 2006
i'm a newbie with BOTH ebay and paypal and i've just sold my balenciaga and have been told that i have a receiving limit!!! what's the best way to go about it without losing too much money...?? :crybaby:
Also, my buyer told me that i won't get charged paypal fees if my account is a personal account, but the invoice/bill/whateverucallit says i do...?
Also, if i get verified (i'm in canada) do i still have a receiving limit?
and last but NOT least... if i do manage to receive the funds... would paypal hold it in my account!? :wtf: or do i get the money transfered into my bank account?! i don't want to have some paypal crap sneak up on me!!!
AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hate ebay and paypal*

i need the funds to pay for my new balenciaga blueberry day which arrived today but i'm too scared to enjoy her just in case i need to return her.... *WAILLLLL*
You need to upgrade to a premier account and I believe the limit thing will go away.
I believe you get charged fees regardless of the type of account.
When you get the funds into your paypal account you are responsible for transferring them into your bank account. If the person pays with a credit card there is no hold on the money. If they pay via an echeck then the money will be held for several days until it clears that person bank account.

Do NOT send the bag out until you have the money cleared into your paypal account....better yet....hold onto the bag until the money is actually in your bank account!
Also...when you transfer to your bank account it takes about 3-4 days for the money to show up in your bank account.
do u know if i have to pay anything to get my money into my bank account? would there be any holds if the buyer pays by instant transfer? :shrugs:
^^^There isn't a fee to transfer your Paypal account monies to your personal bank account no matter how the buyer has funded the purchase.
That's another plus to upgrading your account: premier accounts are allowed to accept credit card funded transactions (no extra fees attached-it's just like an instant transfer) whereas personal accounts are not.
are you sure? It happens to everyone else I know. It's why I had 2 accounts until last week, asking people to pay one or the other depending on their method of payment. . . I got too nervous since eBay now requires you to accept credit cards :sad: Didn't want to get reported.
I get charged for every transaction that goes into my paypal account (very annoying, especially after all the ebay fees). There isn't any fees involved when moving the money from your Paypal account into your banking.
I hate the fees, but I like the benefits of the Premier account and Paypal DOES have to make money too, so I've always just accepted the fees as a fact of life. I knew I'd be hit with fees when I upgraded to Premier, so none of this is news to me. Just a fact of life when you sell on eBay and take Paypal:

With a fee, fee here and a fee, fee there.
Here a fee, there a fee. Every where a fee, fee.
Old McEbay grabs them fees!
Eee I, Eee I, Oh my!

Since eBay owns them . . . they're making PLENTY of fees.
I can't stand them, but it's kind of a monopoly :sad:

Whether you love eBay or hate it (fees and all), I doubt anyone here would argue against the fact that it's the most effective and efficient way to sell things we don't want or use anymore. Where else can we get a worldwide audience to sell our things? Who the HECK wants to have a designer bag YARD SALE???:yucky:
If you have a Personal Account with paypal and the buyer pays with the current funds they have in their paypal balance, then the fees are void. But if the buyer pay with either debit or credit card, you must upgrade to a Premier account and from then on out, you will have to charged paypal fees, even if future buyers pay with paypal balance.

Once the money is cleared into your account, you are free to transfer the balance to your bank account. Credit card payments and paypal balance payments will complete instantly but always check the status. If the value is over $150 CDN, there are no transfer fees, but if it less, than it's 50cents + 3% of the money. It takes roughly 5-7 business days to transfer it to your account.

Always ship to CONFIRMED addresses as well. :yes: