Newbie, i would like some prada

  1. Ok i have a few Q's. I have never really liked Prada, but i have found myself falling in love with it more and more. My love will always be with H but since its so expensive, i can use prada as my more reasonable designer love. However, one of the things putting me off, is the quality issues which apparently prada has. I have heard across this board people stating the poor quality of prada (and gucci.) Can you guys be honest how bad is it? Will I be disappointed esp. after hermes?

    i am planning on taking the jump since i have $210 in gift cards at a department store (which also sells prada) I don't mind spending a touch more to this (at the most doubling it) because right now its between a prada item and chanel sunnies.

    Im thinking along the lines of a wallet or card case or coin pouch. Does Prada have like a pouch type opening thing, which woudl fit either coins or cards? (And i do want leather no nylon) I like the white leather that has like a cross hatched look to it Saffiano is it? How does the white leather version of this hole up, does it dirty easily? it looks like a really hard sturdy leather which is resilient but i have no idea. Im open to suggestions. TIA
  2. I have tons of Prada and in all honesty..I have NEVER EVER had any quality issues with Prada!
    I think the type u r talking about is a VERY good leather that will hold up well to.
    The best part is that the leather and nylon can be wiped down if it gets dirty..and looks like new

    Go look online for types u would like..They make a credit card case and many other versions....
  3. Thanks so much Jill (Hottest Queen of Prada) The leather does look sturdy. but I've never felt it IRL. I've looked at a few sites, but i don't really know whats authentic i may fall in love with something that's not even authentic lol. Thanks so much for your help.
  4. I don't think the problems people have had is with the quality because my favorite throw around work bag that I completely abuse is a Prada shoulder bag but it's a pebbled calf leather and super tough. Prada uses alot of Sheep, Lamb, and Deer skin and those are all pretty delicate leathers so you can't be too rough on them or else.... As far as Gucci goes their black leather has a tendancy of becoming almost metallic my SA at Nordy's told me it is a constant problem with some collections and refuses to sell them to me :smile: ! I say go for a Prada (save a little money in comparison to Hermes) you'll become an addict sooner than you think!
  5. Saffiano leather is pretty similar to LV taiga leather and Hermes epsom leather, they are all embossed leather. The leather is sturdy, strong and not easy to get scratched and dirt. And also, the texture of Saffiano leather is much more refine than LV taiga and Hermes epsom. I think the best thing about Prada Saffiano line is, there are so many colors being produced every season. I haven't owned any Prada Saffiano line's product yet, but I definitely consider getting one in the near future, probably a small leather goods like card holder or what.
  6. I haven't ever felt tagia, I love Epsom (because of its stiff and practically waterproof quality) Yesterday I had an appointment at 1.00 at 12.45 i stopped by the Prada store for a quick look. i only saw 2 card cases, neither i was 100% happy with, but im sure they have a lot more. when i have some more free time i will go and check it out properly. thanks for your help guys. Ill keep you posted.