Newbie: How the Obession Began

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  1. Hi there, I am new to your forum and new to Hermes! Whilst I am familiar with the brand and have always had a desire to one day own a Birkin or Kelly I have never really been obsessed with Hermes until a couple of weeks ago......

    It all began when I was reading a blog that I frequent & came across a post about Mai Tai's Picture Book and the obsession began!!!

    What an inspiration, I almost cannot believe that one woman can be so chic, stylish and make anything look so good, even an apron!!

    I have never really worn scarves but she has totally inspired me. I was just wondering what would be a good first scarf to have a pocket square, twilly or 90cm? What would be more versatile?

    Also can I ask why second hand scarves and scarf rings selling on ebay are often more than US retail?

    TIA :biggrin:
  2. :welcome2: It's only fitting that your intro to Hermes was seeing Mai Tai's Picture Book. :heart: She could make an Hermes collector out of anyone. :yes: She's been an inspiration to many. I can't give you advice on which piece to get first, as I only have one Hermes scarf........I'm more of an Hermes purse and accessories junky! :wtf: I'm sure others will chime in and help you! :graucho: Enjoy whatever you end up with. The obsession begins...................:true:
  3. oh the beginning is so much fun. enjoy your journey!
  4. Hi misscholec and welcome!! You are so right about MaiTai, she has inspired all of us
    and she is so sweet and generous with her ideas and information! My first piece was
    a 90 cm scarf, I feel that all the knots and styles for them are endless! They can be
    used around the neck, as a belt, on the head, as a blouse or even as a purse.. I'm sure
    others can give you even more ideas!!
  5. Hi Misschloec. I'm also new to Hermès and recently came here to check out the infamous Birkin. I marveled at all the 'cute little bags' with ribbons tied to them. What came after is now a blurry haze: of bolides, of kellies, of birkins. Of jewelry and scarves and leather. :wtf: :faint:

    Two weeks in and I'm now a full blown addict.

    I don't think I'll ever be the same after venturing through this forum
  6. :welcome2: to the :party:!!!!!!!!!!!

    the beginning of the journey is so exciting! so many new things to learn and see! piggy definitely recommends a perusal of the as there are loads of beautiful photos of products posted by tPFers, with no chatter to wade thru :tup:

    see you around and happy shopping!

    love, piggy (^(oo)^)v
  7. Welcome!!
  8. Welcome to the orange side, misschloec! MaiTai is an inspiration to all who are fortunate enough to become acquainted with her elegant and effortless style, as well as her kindness and generosity. :love: The world of Hermes is unique and the information on this forum is virtually limitless, so by all means take piggy's advice and spend some time in the reference section. I bought nothing but scarves (90 cm silk) for many years, and it's only in the past year or so - and since joining this forum:graucho: - that I've gotten into bags and shawls and accessories, and my addiction has become serious and uncontrollable.:nuts: What fun! :yahoo: (And so what if I'm spending my daughter's inheritance - she can always sell the bags...):whistle:
  9. MaiTai is one of a kind. She will make any sane person insane about Hermes! Hermes should hire her....
  10. Thank you so much for all of your replies and kind welcome. For the last two weeks I have been spending way to much time on the internet & in particular in the bag forum discovering Hermes!! I check Mai Tai's picture book every day for updates. I love it. I am definitely going to get one of her gorgeous fur collars but it is still summer here (Melbourne Australia).

    I am fortunate enough to have a husband who loves to buy me bags beautiful bags for my birthday and Christmas and so far have LV, Prada, YSL & a Longchamp but know I have my sights on a Kelly or Birkin! I bought a second-hand Her Bag to tide me over until then. It is such a gorgeous bag, will be so versatile and convinced me my obsession is a good one!

    I am also in love with the enamel bracelets, scarves & on it goes.....

    Thank you again for your advice! I will definitely be checking out the reference section.
  11. misschloec, a very warm welcome to tpf and H subforum :welcome2:
    I am truly honoured that my blog inspired you to come to the orange side, and thank you for the lovely and sweet compliments.Enjoy the journey from here, but beware... there are plenty of powerful enablers on this forum :graucho:

    Re. the scarves, since it is summer in Australia, why not start with a Twilly? You can tie it on your bags, to your hair, wear it as a bracelet etc. Here is a great thread that shows you fabulous examples on how to wear them

    Or, if you want to start with a bang, go for the classic, a 90 Carré. You could start wearing it in your warm temperatures as a top, sash or belt, and when the weather gets cooler, use it as a neck scarf.

    To water your mouth, here a thread that features the current SS2010 scarf collection

    Re. ebay prices. H holds it’s value in the pre-loved market second to none.

    Hoping to seeing you on H it Up one day soon :flowers:

    In the meantime, enjoy the journey and keep us posted!!

    tillie46, pamella, LGA and purseinsanity ~ love ya girls :heart:
  12. Thank you so much Mai Tai for the wonderful suggestions!
  13. You are very welcome, misschloec :flowers:
  14. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and I just own Hermes birkin Fjord black 30cm too. I'm so glad to own a very beautiful bag in my dream :smile:
  15. It's a fabulous obsession to get into! Welcome to the Orange Side!

    it's true that H scarves go for US retail (or higher) for the more rare or unusual designs. However, vintage scarves, or commonly reissued scarves to tend to be far more reasonable.
    When you are foraging evilbay - always look at the condition of the scarf! In addition, there are fakes out there - Use the "Authenticate this Scarf" thread (following the format in the first post!)

    I tend to wear twillys and pochettes more than I do full 90 cm carres. It seldom gets cold enough where I live to justify the extra material. But - the full sized 1) is more reasonable in the resale market, and 2) has a lot of different ways to wear it. Also, the full sized has a bigger pattern!
    Enjoy the slippery slope.